Are You Driving a Bicycle on a Highway in your Career?

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There are times I feel that way in my almost a decade of work experience. It seems you are pedalling, sweating it out. keeping your focus, moving forward but at snail speed. Why? because every other person seems to be gliding past you in their careers with the speed of light leaving you with sinking feelings.

If you sometimes feel this way, or you are currently feeling this way, one or more of the following tips will be of help to you;

1. Attend a paid training or conference. Invest in Yourself beyond office paid training.

You may outrightly need guidance, fresh perspectives, encouragement, insight or some eyeopening activity or words to give you a way forward or at least encourage you in your career. Efforts and results are two different words in meaning and actions. Also, defining success by other employee’s standard can be a killer of purpose.

2. Be with the right friends.

You need to hang around the right people. You need vision-oriented associations who will encourage and lift your spirit at these times. Who will honestly give you feedbacks and no pretence when you need to do the right things. So, Stick with the right tribe. If you don’t have one already, network and link up with the right people. Remember you are who you surround yourself with!

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3. Schedule a meeting with a colleague or line head at work.

You need feedback. Ask your colleague or more importantly your line head how he/she thinks you can add more value to the role. I asked this question once from a seemingly unpleasant boss, and I found It an eye-opening, perspective-changing experience in my career. It changed my Career game!

4. You need to Communicate your expectations.

Gone are the days when your promotion is automatic if you have certain years of work experience. If you feel everyone in your team is getting promoted except you, then you need to be having conversations with you line head or colleagues as regards what you need to do to improve your results at the workplace. Don’t keep quiet and grumble about how unfair management is when you have been quietly assuming your promotion will happen this year.

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5. Give.

Give your time, give your experience. Help a fellow colleague, Coach someone, Mentor someone in or out of your organization. Add value beyond your job description at the workplace.


6. Fear

Don’t let fear do you in this year! Some employees have turned down opportunities based on fear. Fear of starting afresh, fear of leaving their current roles or jobs, fear of having that conversation, fear of re-applying in another organization, fear of leaving the norm for the new, and many other types of fear. Dear Employee, Move! If you want to! You are not a tree!

I hope this helps someone!

Are You Driving a Bicycle on a Highway in your Career?


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About Omolara Omosehin Adeogo:

Lara holds a 9 year-plus work experience that spans across the Transit, Consulting, Telecoms and Market-Research sectors. She is a graduate of Chemistry Science from Lagos State University Nigeria and an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management. Lara is a 2 time graduate of Immerse Academy and a WIMBIZ Mentee. She currently works as a project manager in a leading market research organization – Kantar TNS Nigeria. A lover of self-development and life-long learning. Lara loves to make meaningful contributions everywhere she goes. She is married with 2 boys.

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