Omoluabi: Goldberg Unveils A New Revered Look (Photos)

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To sustain the spirit of celebration and cultural heritage, Goldberg, the premium quality beer which has become a cultural staple for pleasure-seekers for years, today, launched a new golden look that speaks to its respected status in the beer community as a cultural symbol.

With its refined, classy look, Goldberg was relaunched on August 9, 2019, at the finale of the brand’s talent hunt show, Ariya Repete, at the Ikeja City Mall, Lagos with the theme, “The Mark of Respect.’’

Omoluabi: Goldberg Unveils A New Revered Look (Photos) - Brand Spur

For years, Goldberg has retained its spot as the regional mainstream brand for South-West Nigeria. Like the traditional talking drum, Goldberg has commanded attention at weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and other parties across the cities in Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Osun, Ondo as well as Kwara. From its towering look of effervescence to the lingering bitter-sweet taste, this larger beer from the leading brewer, Nigerian Breweries Plc is brewed for quality enjoyment.

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Omoluabi: Goldberg Unveils A New Revered Look (Photos) - Brand Spur

Goldberg represents cultural heritage and excellent craftsmanship. It is also a common find in any cultural gathering such as festivals where oral poetry tradition is celebrated. Its panegyric element is synonymous with the Yoruba’s oral tradition which is passed down from one generation to another to preserve history and culture. To bridge the gap between tradition and modernity, Goldberg’s new look appeals to the next generation of consumers who share the values of respect, enterprise and dignity.

It is for this reason that Goldberg earns the title of “Omoluabi’’ which conveys the value of good character, respect, enjoyment, dignity and integrity. Over the years, Goldberg has stayed true to its core value of reverence and quality enjoyment which makes it different from other mainstream beer brands in Nigeria. As a beer that treasures tradition, Goldberg has a competitive edge of restoring the true communal spirit as the toast of socialites in the South West region. Indeed, Goldberg is an iconic beer that has defined and still redefines the cultural landscape for beer consumers who cherish and relish traditional values.

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The Senior Brand Manager, Goldberg and Life, Maria Shadeko in her remarks noted the distinctive elements of the Goldberg brand that has made it a market leader in the beer industry and how the new look will impact on the consumers.

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“Goldberg beer is an ideal complement to consumers who place value on tradition, respect and culture. With its new look, Goldberg offers more than just high-quality taste for pure enjoyment but an enhanced visual delight which will make it the choice lager beer for every connoisseur.’’

Speaking to the new theme, Shadeko added that,

“With the new theme “mark of respect”, we will be speaking to the excellent craftsmanship and impeccable quality of Goldberg, elevating its credentials to a position of reverence and admiration. While ‘Omoluabi’ encapsulates the ethos of the Yoruba people and their values of “Respect, Enterprise, Dignity” (R.E.D), of which enjoyment is a manifestation.”

It’s been an eventful year for Goldberg Lager. 2019 has seen the brand unveil a new brand ambassador, successfully sponsor the 2019 edition of Ariya Repete as well as re-invent itself in a new and exciting way. With a new label, a new crown cork and a newly formulated Lager which promise a great tasting experience, Goldberg seeks to further establish itself as the market leaders.

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Omoluabi: Goldberg Unveils A New Revered Look (Photos) - Brand SpurOmoluabi: Goldberg Unveils A New Revered Look (Photos) - Brand Spur

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Omoluabi: Goldberg Unveils A New Revered Look (Photos) - Brand SpurOmoluabi: Goldberg Unveils A New Revered Look (Photos) - Brand Spur

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