Gotten Your Nickfest Tickets? It’s Time To Get Your Survival Kits Ready!


So you’ve managed to get the much-coveted Nickfest tickets and you’re wondering what to pack up for the festival, not to worry, we’ve got you covered.

Nickfest in partnership with Maltina is set to hold on the 28th and 29th of September at the Balmoral Center, Federal Palace Hotel.

Nickfest will be filled with lots of fun, happiness, entertainment, Maltina, and of course, slime!

A little birdie informed us about the survival kit needed at the festival and we’ve come to share this knowledge with you for free.

Do you want to have everything that you’ll need to enjoy a quality experience at Nickfest? Look no further, just read on;

Sneakers: Before you get slimed, you want to look cool in those beautiful kicks!

Flip Flops: You don’t want to ruin your beautiful shoes when it’s your turn to get in on the paint action at Maltina Happyland so just come with these babies.

Sunscreen: There’ll be loads of entertaining activities to try out outside and you’ll be getting sunbathed as well so come along with your sunscreen.

Sunglasses: These are very effective and fashionable so you win on two sides.

Swimsuit: You’re definitely going to get slimed! It’ll be better if you’re in your swimsuit.

Change of clothing: You might get slimed in your clothes so it’ll be safe to come with a change of outfits.

Cash: There’ll be different things to buy at Nickfest ranging from treats to ice-cold bottles of Maltina, ice cream, pizza, and other goodies so we definitely recommend that you come with lots of this, it’s for your own good!

These things are uber important so we advise that you don’t leave anything out!

If you’d like to have more details about this year’s Nickfest, you can follow @maltina on Instagram and @Maltina on Twitter for the latest information. You can also follow the conversation using the hashtag; #NickFestWithMaltina.