Interesting Ways Your Smartphone Can Save You Money

There are so many ways you can use your favourite techy gadget to save you money. If you are going to take it everywhere you go, why not put it to work for something besides browsing social media or playing games. Here are some exciting ways your smartphone can save you money that you may not have thought of!
Compare prices

We all know that the best thing about having a smartphone is all the fun apps you can put on it to simplify life and keep you entertained. However, did you know there are apps out there to help you find the best price of gas in your area? Or how about apps designed to do the price matching for you when you head out to buy groceries?

Use your calculator function

The calculator on your smartphone is one of the best ways to make sure you stay on budget. Just use it while you go to the store and add up things as you go along. This way, there are no surprises when you get to the counter on what you will be paying and you can better monitor if something is really a good deal.

Use your smartphone as a camera

There is no need to buy a fancy camera. These days smartphones take awesome photos and there are several apps that you can use to edit your photos to make them even better.

Track your spending with your smartphone

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If you are trying to keep your budget in check, getting an app that allows you to track your spending is not a bad idea. Apps such as these allow you to track spending, deposits and more importantly keep an eye on all your bank activity.

Make calls without exhausting your credit

With an unlimited wi-fi connection, you can start making Voice Over Internet Protocol, VOIP calls and saves yourself the financial burden of buying recharge cards every time. You can go about making your calls by using your mobile Whatsapp, Skype and BBM applications on your smartphone for calls.

Cheaper and affordable taxi service

With the advent of services like Uber and Taxify, however, the whole game changed. These apps bypass the conventional hailing model to create a marketplace of drivers waiting to offer rides. So, you can enjoy cheaper and affordable taxi services with these ride-hailing apps.