You Should Totally Avoid These Words During An Interview

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The job market is very competitive and getting an interview is a chance to let an employer or HR manager know you’re the best person for the job. It’s all about communication skills at this point how well you express yourself, word choices and your ability to persuade an employer to give you the job. One of the best tactics is to be specific when you describe your work experience, skills, and accomplishments as well as avoiding certain words. Using these words that would be shared below can make or mar your chances of getting the job.


Was your last job really amazing? Is your work experience amazing? How about your communication skills? What does amazing mean? Stupifying? Unreal beyond belief? If your last job was so “amazing,” why are you looking for another job? Is this one more “amazing?” Used once in the right context, the word isn’t bad. You can use it once and after the first one, it doesn’t really have much effect except being annoying.


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This word really doesn’t say much at all. It’s filler, overused and just sort of thrown out there. This said few of us can describe ourselves or our abilities as awesome. Your skills may be exceptional or superior, but awesome is a no-no.


You may be tempted to use this word when answering  “…tell me about a time when…” questions. Used alone as a comment on a situation or as a response to someone comes across as lazy and rude.

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The total of what? If you mean you agree, say that. It is used as an affirmation. Interviewer: “That project seems like it was very rewarding. You: “Totally!”  Or, intensity. You: “I was totally amazed at the awesome opportunity!” (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.) You can see what happens when you string them all together. A lot of nothing!


This word is so overused and has lost its punch. It’s supposed to show a high level of something, but the word great is really lukewarm. With the wrong voice tone, it can be negative. On a scale of one to 10, great is around five or six. Be specific and find some other descriptive adjectives that show proper intensity and relation to the situation.

Can’t and don’t

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Can’t and don’t are negative words and negativity has no place in an interview. Refrain from using phrases such as “I don’t like doing this, I can’t do this,” or “I don’t want to do this,”. You want to show an interviewer that you are open to taking on any role or task and that no job is too small for you.

Freaking or Fricking

We all know what you really want to say, and using these substitutes don’t lessen the effect of the word they represent. They are still rude, inappropriate, borderline vulgar and don’t have a place in an interview.

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You Should Totally Avoid These Words During An Interview - Brand SpurYou Should Totally Avoid These Words During An Interview - Brand Spur

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You Should Totally Avoid These Words During An Interview - Brand SpurYou Should Totally Avoid These Words During An Interview - Brand Spur

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