15 Wool Braid Hairstyles You Should Try

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Wool braid hairstyles have been popular for years and show no signs of slowing down. Wool braids allow you to try every colour, shape, and type of braiding you have always wanted to rock without putting excessive strain on your hair. Check out 15 fresh wool braid hairstyles you will definitely want to try!

1. Hairstyle #1

The mermaid look is super trendy this year, and with wool braids, you can easily recreate it. Just pick some wool in blue or green hues, use them in your favourite type of braids, and your coveted mermaid look is ready!

2. Hairstyle #2

If you want to add a pop of colour to your hairstyle but don’t want it to be too vivid – for example, if it clashes with your overall style – you can try some understated colours with your wool braids such as navy blue.

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3. Hairstyle #3

On the other hand, if you are in the mood for a colourful explosion on your head, there is no easier, faster, and more affordable way to do it than with a bunch of brightly-coloured wool braids.

4. Hairstyle #4

Wool braids can also be incredibly tasteful and closely resemble your own hair colour and texture. Try solid black wool braids if you want to rock a natural look with thick and luscious braiding!

5. Hairstyle #5

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Grey is another highly popular colour to combine with your love of braids. If you are looking for a way to finish 2019 in style, how about a gorgeous head full of stylish grey braids as the focal point of your look?

6. Hairstyle #6

We normally associate pastel colours with spring, but you can wear pastel wool braids any time you want, as they are super easy to pair both with your clothes and your makeup for the most well-designed look.

7. Hairstyle #7

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Want to give your wool braids a fresh treatment and look like you have just gone to a hair salon? Just put them in a stylish headscarf and earn maximum style points for your look!

8. Hairstyle #8

Wool braids are an effortless way to add some colour to your style without going for the expensive and drastic procedure of dyeing your hair. With wool braids, you can change hair colours as often as you want!

9. Hairstyle #9

Spice up your solid black wool braids with a couple of trendy hair accessories: these metal beads work wonders for making wool braids look even more eye-catching and overall lovely.

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10. Hairstyle #10

If you have always wanted super long braided hair but don’t have the patience to grow it out all the way, you can achieve the same effect in a matter of hours with a few packages of colourful wool!

11. Hairstyle #11

One of the biggest advantages of wool braids is that they can be worn pretty much any way you want. If you wake up in the mood for a half up, half-down hairstyle, you can make your wish come true faster than ever.

12. Hairstyle #12

In case you were doubting the possible variety of colours you can try with wool braids, here is just a taste of how diverse wool braids can be and how easy it is to find just the right style for you.

13. Hairstyle #13

If you can’t decide which colour you want to use for your wool braids from several different shades, you can go all-in with your new hairstyle and use all of them.

14. Hairstyle #14

Blue wool braids may not be the most natural look in the world, but sometimes all that matters is whether you enjoy your new look.

15. Hairstyle #15

Whenever you need to style your wool braids for a special occasion or simply want to try a new look, a beautiful updo is probably the easiest and most timeless style you can try.

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15 Wool Braid Hairstyles You Should Try15 Wool Braid Hairstyles You Should Try

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15 Wool Braid Hairstyles You Should Try15 Wool Braid Hairstyles You Should Try

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