New Ride-hailing App, Solride Launches in Nigeria


Solride, a new ride-hailing service has been launched in Lagos, Nigeria to riders access to different modes of transportation (salon cars, motorcycles, tricycles, and SUVs), ride scheduling and rental as well as detailed maps.

According to a press statement, Solride will offer a unique combination of different vehicles, delivering endless possibilities and revolutionizing the concept of transportation in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa.

Henry Adesegha, CEO of Solchos Kefani said the company stands out with some strong and unique innovation that connects directly to consumer needs given that people will be able to switch from one mode of transportation to another without the hassle of switching ride-hailing platforms.

Solride looks to attract drivers with its unique driver-controlled price mechanism algorithm that will see the drivers individually control price during regular, peak and off-peak business hours.

Instead of employing dynamic pricing, where prices generically increase or decrease based on demand, Solride empowers individual drivers to regulate prices themselves within a stipulated range.

Both riders and drivers are able to use digital channels integrated into the app to make payments where applicable. And riders also get to know upfront how much they have to pay for their trip without the fear of price change after the start of the trip.

In addition, the company plans to incentivize rides by rewarding drivers who drive safely. Drivers who receive good reviews of their rides will also get the opportunity to earn additional revenue from other business streams of the company as ad hoc shareholders.

The CEO also disclosed an intention to expand to other markets in Africa by the end of the first quarter of this year. “We’re aiming to blitzscale, grow exponentially and expand to different cities in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda by the first quarter of 2020,” said Adesegha.

Solride joins ride-hailing services like Uber, Bolt, and InDriver among others in the ever-growing and competitive ride-hailing business in Nigeria.