OPay, GOKADA and MaxNg, Please accept my sympathy


Your story has been a fairy tale and I know it’s still evolving. I pray it ends well.

A classic lessons for all of us though –

Have friends in government – at a certain scale, you can’t isolate yourself and business from politics and government.

This art has been perfected by the likes of Dangote, and many others who have used the friends they have in government to achieve scale and beyond.

Branding, marketing, and PR are cool, but what’s cooler is knowing the mind of the government.

You will have insight into viable investments, sectors that will change, to have a better exit strategy

Some policies can be influenced by lobbying, pressure, politics. We have to learn these arts, especially at scale.

The venues where these happen are at ikoyi club, Polo club, Golf club, Kings palace, political meetings, Rotary club, lions club, island club etc. Pick your choice.

You can’t entrepreneur yourself out of every situation. You have to align with the powers that be. That’s how the game is won.

Written by: Seyi Ojeleye, Chief Executive Officer at PetKrib