Ways You Can Make Money from Solar Power

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The Solar Power industry is booming around the world as demand rises for clean, constant, affordable power. With an erratic national grid, rising electricity tariffs and fuel prices, Nigeria is a key region for major growth. This presents many opportunities. Here are our top 3 ways in which you can make money from solar.

1.Business Opportunities

Running a Solar Power business is highly capital intensive meaning the barrier to entry is high for the ordinary individual. However, now is a great time to be a solar entrepreneur as there are lots of other solar business opportunities to develop and choose from. Here are just a few:

-Fleet Management
-Training of Solar Installers
-Manufacturing of Basic Solar Equipment (e.g. roof and battery racks and inverters)

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-Repair of Basic Solar Equipment
– Distribution
-Long- and short-term Financing
No matter which one of the solar business opportunities you decide to pursue, the key to your long-term success is to demonstrate proven capacity and experience, integrity and reliability.

  1. Career Opportunities

It is predicted that by 2050 solar power will be the top global energy sector employer. This expanding industry offers a wide range of career opportunities. Any ambitious worker can progress within any one of the following key solar-related occupations by seeking the skills and qualifications to advance.

– Procurement Specialist
Manages the solar company’s supply of products and services and strategizes to find cost-effective deals and suppliers.

– Solar Sales / Marketing Representative
Contacts prospective customers to determine their solar energy and equipment needs. Provides cost and others benefits and follows-up to close deals.

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-Customer Services Representative
The front-line support for solar customers they provide helpful information, answer questions, and respond to complaints.

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-Solar Fleet / Logistics Manager
Oversees logistics coordination for existing and new solar installation equipment.

– Roofer with Solar Expertise
Uses best practices in roofing to install racking systems and to mount photovoltaic panels

-Solar PV Installer with Electrical Engineering Expertise
The solid core of any solar company: They set up and maintain the sophisticated equipment and wiring that connects a solar energy system to the electrical grid

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The list above is by no means exhaustive as there are several other diverse career opportunities within the solar industry.

Given the relative infancy of the industry, those with real-world skills and practical experience are at an advantage. In addition, candidates with a strong cultural fit and soft skills to adapt to the nature of the business.

  1. Go Solar

A quick and easy way to make money from solar is to get installed! Not only does a Solar Home System save you money on your current energy bills, but it also increases your disposable income once you’ve fully purchased your system. Here’s a quick illustration:

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-Mr. Ade spends N500 per day on generator fuel. That’s N15,000 per month for 6 hours of power a day. His fuel bill never goes away. Neither do the maintenance bills.

-Mr. Shola pays just N12,000 per month for 24 hours power and after 48 months he enjoys a free energy source for the next 25 years. Freedom!

So, the next time you are looking for a way to make money, a solution is at your fingertips.

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Ways You Can Make Money from Solar Power - Brand SpurWays You Can Make Money from Solar Power - Brand Spur

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Ways You Can Make Money from Solar Power - Brand SpurWays You Can Make Money from Solar Power - Brand Spur

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