Taradphone cautions Thai used phone market lost more than 2.5 Million SGD per year to online scammers


 – 17 February
2020 – Fake account and famous IT store brands
such as iStore, Taradphone are being used by scammers to lure unsuspecting
online shoppers into fake e-stores, according to a new finding by Taradphone.

Dr. Chaiyapong Akkarakitjinda
Managing Director, Taradphone, Thailand 


frequently used logo and imagery from famous stores or pictures of good-looking
people to defraud online shoppers that they are buying phones from reputable
sources, when in reality they might receive a counterfeit item or nothing.


Chaiyapong Akkarakitjinda, Managing Director of Taradphone, Thailand largest
online-based used mobile stores, revealed that attractive discount and low
instalment on hi-end used smartphone are common strategies online scammers prey
on victims. 


are increasing number of victims, which cause approximately 2.5 million SGD
lost each year. Thai polices are working hard on this, but still.”


only hi-end used smartphone such as iPhone 11 and Samsung Galaxy 9, but also
luxury items are popular for online scammers to fool victims. 


are numbers of website developed to be online tools for shoppers to check
and to notify about blacklisted sellers. The growth of these website is on the
rise, but not that much.”


this is like a beacon of hope that consumers help each other fighting cyber
crime by actively exposing ill-intent sellers.


prevention is the best defence, added Dr. Chaiyapong. “Before making any
purchase or submitting to a long-term contract, check for seller good tracking
records, and verification information regarding their identity and services. Consumers
should be well-advised not to conclusively rely on product reviews, because
they can be easily made up without any proof by the cyber criminals.”


is Thailand largest online-based used mobile stores with 2 branches in leading
department stores in the heart of Bangkok.


in 2018, a broken smartphone gave a young architect an idea for upscale,
standardise and increase the quality of second handed smartphone market in
Thailand. With the benefits of digital era and social media, Taradphone is now
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