List Of All The Nollywood Movies Found On Netflix

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The number of Netflix users around the world continues to grow, and many Nigerians, including those who live abroad, are using Netflix to enjoy the latest and most popular Nollywood films. Here are the Nollywood movies you can find on Netflix right now.

1. Fifty

Fifty is a story of four women who are just about to enter their fifties and are getting ready to assess everything they have achieved in their lives.

2. Road To Yesterday

A married couple tries to salvage their failing marriage by taking a road trip together, but they don’t know that newly unearthed secrets will forever change their situation.

3. Couple Of Days

Couple Of Days follows the story of three couples who have been together for a different amount of time and are now going on a fun trip to Ibadan that risks changing the relationships forever.

4. The Bridge

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The Bridge tells the story we have both heard before and are always ready to hear again. A Yoruba prince and an Igbo woman face the pressure from their families after their secret wedding.

5. Gbomo Gbomo Express

A criminal intent of inexperienced kidnappers doesn’t go according to plan after they decide to hold a wealthy victim for ransom.

6. Up North

An heir to the family fortune must spend one year working menial jobs in an unfamiliar place, and this experience changes everything for him and people around him.

7. The Bling Lagosians

A family’s business and well-being are put under threat when the mother insists on having an expensive 51st birthday celebration even though the family is in huge debt.

8. The Visit

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When a fun-loving, emotional couple moves next door to a much more reserved and well-behaved couple, their personalities unavoidably clash and lead to a series of unexpected events.

9. Celebrity Marriage

Not every seemingly loving and simply picture-perfect couple is actually as wholesome as it looks – a notion that is once again proven by the Celebrity Marriage Nollywood drama.

10. Seven And A Half Dates

A woman is so invested in her career that she finds herself unmarried and desperate enough to go on the 10 dates set up for her by her father.

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11. The Arbitration

The story follows the decay of a relationship that was very romantic in the beginning. An affair at work turns ugly when the woman sues the CEO for rape and unlawful termination.

12. When Love Happens

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Mo is a successful event planner, but one day she realizes that she planned numerous great weddings while her own Prince Charming is nowhere to be seen.

13. In My Country

The story of a woman who needs to raise money for her daughter’s surgery and resorts to the most morally dubious methods to achieve her goals.

14. Being Mrs Elliot

An unexpected accident causes a romantically betrayed woman and a villager with a surprising story to exchange their lives.

15. Wives On Strike

One of the most socially revealing dramas tells a story of women standing up to their husbands after years of domestic abuse, triggered by an accident with their friend.

16. Chief Daddy

This is one of the most recognizable Nollywood movies around the world, and for a good reason. The film tells the story of a patriarch that dies unexpectedly and causes his family and friends to compete for his fortune.

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17. Iyore

Iyore is a unique blend of romance, history, and crazy twists. After the teacher’s personal life begins to imitate the stories she tells in her history class, all the drama unfolds.

18. Taxi Driver

Taxi Driver is one of the few independent Nollywood films that has everything: a heart-wrenching backstory, modern reality of Nigeria, crime, and adorable character.

19. Lagos Real Fake Life

This Nollywood comedy is funny, but even more importantly, it teaches an important lesson: the lifestyles of people you admire and even envy may turn out to be fake.

20. Merry Men: The Real Yoruba Demons

The phenomenon of Yoruba demons is known far outside Nigeria, and this Nollywood movie is a pretty good representation of what their life is like.

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List Of All The Nollywood Movies Found On NetflixList Of All The Nollywood Movies Found On Netflix

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List Of All The Nollywood Movies Found On NetflixList Of All The Nollywood Movies Found On Netflix

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