LUTH Successfully Delivered A 68-Year-Old First-Time Mother Of A Twin


Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) has successfully delivered a sixty-eight-year-old of a twin.

In a statement from the CMAC, Prof.W.L Adeyemo on the hospitals’ twitter page, he stated that the mother and babies are doing well well.

“LUTH has successfully delivered a sixty-eight-year-old primigravida (pregnant for the first time) with twin (a male and a female) gestation (Pregnancy) following an IVF conception. She was delivered through an elective cesarean section at 37 weeks gestation on Tuesday 14th April 2020.

“The IVF & embryo transfer were done at an outside facility. She was thereafter referred to LUTH at early gestation and subsequently managed till term.

“This is the first in Luth, Nigeria, and Africa. Mother and babies are well”, he stated.