5 Reasons to Consider Passing Microsoft 70-764 Exam Your Major Priority. Do Your Best with Practice Tests from PrepAway!

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Are you ready for a thriving IT career with the MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Administration certification? Well, you should. In this article, we will walk you through one of the required exams for this impressive credential. The test is known as Microsoft 70-764, which is also referred to as Administering a SQL Database Infrastructure.

Being available in English and costing only $165, Microsoft 70-741, 70-742, 98-366, MS-300, 70-461, MS-200, 98-349, 70-767, A+ 220-1001, A+ 220-1002 ADM-201 70-411 Exam Dumps is designed for the database professionals who are tasked with performing installation, configuration, and maintenance issues. Other responsibilities of these specialists include setting up database systems and ensuring that they are regularly storing and operating in an efficient way, backing up regularly, and securing data from any unauthorized access.

There are many reasons why passing the Microsoft 70-764 exam is a good idea for any interested individual. But what are they? Let’s find out!

  1. The exam will retire in January 2021.

This is the very first thing that you need to know. Microsoft will retire a number of its certification tests in 2021, and Microsoft 70-764 is one of them. The associatedMCSA credential is a formal endorsement of your knowledge of database functionalities, which include configuration, installation, provision, and maintenance. So, it is highly advisable that the students who want to get it rush to ace the exam and obtain their certificate before the retirement date, which will be exactly on January 31, 2021 visit https://www.certbolt.com.

  1. The exam gives you the opportunity to obtain the MCSE certification.

Microsoft 70-764 not only leads to the associate-level certificate but also paves the way to the MCSE credential. After completing this exam, you can move to Microsoft 70‑765, so you can have the chance to cultivate your SQL Server 2016 proficiency. This is because this MCSA is a prerequisite to earn MCSE: Database Management and Analytics. And this specific expert-level certification is a very popular validation in the IT industry, especially among the database professionals who want to validate their expertise in extensive SQL administration. So, if you want to pursue this career path in the long run, then taking Microsoft 70-764 is a good place to start. From here, you can take one step at a time into wide-ranging SQL administration.

  1. The exam prepares you adequately for real-world tasks.

Microsoft 70-764, just like other certification tests of this vendor, prepares you for real-world challenges. The major reason you are taking this exam is to prove how efficient you can administer a SQL database infrastructure. Generally, you can never be able to establish your proficiency with only work experience and plain educational background. It is better if you prove your skills through the certification test. Microsoft 70-764 is a great way to substantiate your skillset. And when preparing for it, you will have the opportunity to secure new skills, polish your existing expertise, and develop your attitude. You will need all these when you finally embark on your professional career.

  1. The exam makes you a seasoned database professional.

You can fully rely on Microsoft 70-764 if you are a database professional and you want to develop your SQL Server 2016 skills. Through this certification exam, you are going to learn more concerning this Microsoft relational database management system as well as its related features. This certificate will help you gain not only knowledge but also practical experience in managing SQL Server 2016 tasks that include configuration, installation, and preservation of database technologies and systems.

  1. The exam highlights your technical proficiency in a specific domain.

Microsoft 70-746 particularly showcases your ability to efficiently direct a SQL database infrastructure. By extension, it also includes your skills in organizing data access, handling high availability, managing disaster recovery, administering database restoration, and configuring backup. What’s more, the main emphases of the 70-764 certification test are SQL Server instances, which typically cover essential topics, such as operators, indexes, statistics, queries, database activity, and the like.

When you pass this exam, this means that you have the ability to accomplish the following technical tasks:

  • Manage disaster recovery and high availability;
  • Monitor and manage SQL Server instances;
  • Manage backup and restore databases;
  • Configure data access and auditing.

These are the skills measured in Microsoft 70-764, and you can only pass this test if you explore all of them. Being armed with this knowledge, you will be more efficient in your work.

Additional important information

We would like to mention that without thorough preparation, you may not be able to pass the Microsoft 70-764 exam. That is why we advise that you start your training as soon as you can. The clock is ticking and you may not notice how the time flies. There is still a whole year for you to begin. So, start with the official study materials from the Microsoft website and then go for the ones From PrepAway. On this platform, you will find a ton of resources, such as exam dumps, video tutorials, study guides, training lectures, practice tests, and so on. If you make use of them, Microsoft 70-764 is going to be a very easy exam to pass.


As always, Microsoft is a leading IT company. With an impressive and deep selection of services and products for everyone, it has its presence in every part of the world. And if you are an IT professional and you want to stand out in your area of focus, you should identify and take the certification exams that are relevant to your career path. One of those is Microsoft 70‑764. So, take this test as soon as you can to avoid the last-minute rush when it will be about to expire. Good luck!