Goodwill Makes Estate Planning Cool Again with Will Writing App in Singapore


 – 5 May 2020 – Goodwill reveals a new online will
writing app for modern, millennial families in Singapore to organise their
assets in 15 minutes, and get on with life.


financial planning startup Goodwill has launched an online will app that everyone, especially
young parents, smart singles, and savvy seniors can use to create a legally
valid will from the ease and safety of home.


21,000 people pass away each year in Singapore, many of them leaving
disorganized finances and assets that lead to conflicted families, expensive
court costs, and unclaimed assets. Those unclaimed funds now amount to more
than S$210 million with the Public Trustee’s office and other government

In these uncertain times, estate planning has moved from the perpetual to-do
list to a top priority for most people. First of its kind in Singapore,
Goodwill provides a unique option for those who need to organise their assets
and make guardianship arrangements that they can update easily on their own in
the years to come. The app can be used for a transparent flat fee for a
comprehensive will, plus unlimited lifetime updates.

As parents retire and demand for estate planning increases among millennials
reaching new parenthood, creating a will online is quickly becoming a more
practical and reliable estate planning option. Goodwill is completely changing
the way this generation manages their financial planning, from a static process
that requires multiple intermediaries, to something everyone can access and
customise for their own circumstances.

Rather than using obscure legalese, Goodwill follows an intuitive, dynamic user
flow to generate easy to understand and legally enforceable documents. After
providing a few details, users just add their assets, and assign shares to
loved ones. They can then preview and print a customised last will and
testament, and sign along with two witnesses to make their will legally valid.

“I was six months pregnant when I started Goodwill. When you’re bringing a new
person into the world, the responsibility of making sure they’re going to be ok
with or without you is a precious burden,” said Goodwill CEO Priya Surya. “At
the same time, I was seeing my own parents who are savvy with WhatsApp and
Facebook struggle with organising their assets. Seeking out a lawyer to make a
one-time arrangement felt both very serious and final. We know that it’s not
how life works. As humans, we need both peace of mind, as well as the ability
to change our plans just as easily.”

is about sharing good fortune with loved ones, as well as creating a legacy of
generosity. The product has integrated more than 3,000 nonprofits registered on
Singapore’s charity portal into Goodwill. Individuals can now leave a gift, or
even a percentage of your estate to a charity or university as part of their

(formerly Plover) is funded by angel investors and by Entrepreneur First, a
talent investor based at 32 Carpenter Street in Singapore, backed by Reid
Hoffman and Greylock Ventures. Goodwill is a collaboration between some of the
brightest minds in finance, law, and technology who are set on making financial
planning and preparation seamless, easy and accessible for everyone.

more information on estate planning or to create a will, visit Goodwill.