Plagiarism Checker Online Free for Students!

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It doesn’t matter if you know it or not but it is a fact that you can’t deny that plagiarism affects you in one way or the other for sure and for your information all of these ways are negative and harmful for you as a person and for your profession/career as well. It doesn’t matter from which sect of writers you come from, the only thing matters are the authenticity of your content and the originality of it. You should only keep this in mind that there is no other option for you but to check content for plagiarism before you submit or upload it.

As a student, you should be worried more about this problem, and this is because if your content is detected of plagiarism in your student life, then you can suffer a lot in your life and will regret not checking your original work too later on. Some of the consequences that you will face sure-shot are the rejection of your work, the negative markings, an F grade, dropping out the course, compromised reputation, and in worst cases, you can also be expelled from the institute with a letter that will not let you admit yourself in any reputed institute and organization in your future, and this is what we are trying to save yourself from.

Plagiarism detection tools!

You must have heard about plagiarism detection tools on the internet, and if you have not, then it is time that you now take care of this problem once and for all and make your life and career risk-free! To save yourself from legal actions, monetary restitution, and fines plus a damaged reputation, you need a key in the form of plagiarism checker tools. Now there are more than dozens of apps and websites providing plagiarism checking services, but not all of them are of good repute and reliable.

There are many tools on the web that are not at all easy to use and don’t have the ability to check your work deeply and detect all kinds of plagiarism. We will like you peeps to know that deliberate plagiarism is not that you have to worry about. Rather the more explicit versions of plagiarism are accidental and self-plagiarism. If you have any confusion about the consequences and effects of accidental plagiarism, then know that all of the types of duplication have the same severe and ugly effects. Now just for your ease and reliable checking, we have gone through almost every tool on the web and have collected the details for the best tool on the web, which for your information belongs to the famous site better known as small SEO tools!

Plagiarism checker by Small SEO tools!

The plagiarism checker by SST is the best tool for students as it covers all the demands by the party; this tool is both free and accurate in its working and reliable in producing results after checking your work, assignments, and other academic papers. Now there are many features of the plagiarism checker by SST that makes it better and more convenient than any other tool on the web, below we have mentioned all of them in detail!

Features of the plagiarism scanner by SST!

Here is the detailed list of the checker software by small SEO tools!

Updated and large database!

The first feature that you need to know about this tool is that it does not cater on with aa saved database rather the database of this tool is spread over more than ten billions of web pages, and all of these pages and the content on them are updated on a regular interval which makes the tool capable of comparing your work with the more recent publishing. You won’t find another tool with a vaster and more updated database!

Automatic plagiarism fixing feature!

Now you guys should know that with the help of this plagiarism checker you cannot only check the content for duplication, but you can also remove it from it, if you find any phrases having duplication in them, then you can easily rephrase them with the help of this tool and within a few seconds. This is a unique feature of this plagiarism tool.

Advanced algorithms!

You guys should know that unlike other free and paid tools, this tool cannot miss the smallest details, and this is because of the algorithms and the technology it uses to check your work. The tool first of all splits and saves your work in small sets of words containing not more than four to six of them. These individual sets are then compared with the huge database of the tool, and in this way, even the smallest clues are collected, and even unintentional plagiarism can be detected.

There are many more features of the tool, including its detailed reports that you should know about, just go to and enjoy the features and the easy use of this tool for free!