Teledyne e2v Develops High-Speed Data Conversion Platform to Accompany Latest Xilinx FPGAs


GRENOBLE, FRANCE – Media OutReach – 22 May 2020 
In response to the ongoing advances in programmable logic technology, Teledyne
has made further enhancements to its portfolio of data converters, along with the high-speed
SERDES technology that supports them.


Complementing the
popular 20nm Kintex UltraScale KU060 FPGAs from Xilinx, Teledyne-e2v now offers
highly optimized multi-channel analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and digital-to-analog
converter (DAC) solutions. These are available in a variety of different grade
classes — going all the way up to a robust, radiation-tolerant space version
that is suitable for satellite communications, earth observation, navigation
and scientific missions.


The new data
converters are each able to interoperate with their associated FPGA through
incorporation of a form of the ESIstream high-speed serial interface
protocol that has been modified for use with the KU060 series. With a 12.5Gbps
data rate supported, ESIstream delivers industry-leading operational
parameters, in terms of both heightened data efficiency and shortened serial
link latency levels. In addition, it facilitates the synchronization of
multiple lanes and multiple devices.


Although ESIstream was
originally developed by Teledyne-e2v engineers, the company is not looking to
make it a proprietary protocol. Instead the objective is to encourage its
widespread adoption in high-performance FPGA system designs — so that elevated
sampling rates can be supported, while still keeping the firmware overhead
involved to a minimum. ESIstream is available license-free, with customers able
to download the related code and then make alterations to it in order to fit
their own specific requirements (such as enhanced redundancy mechanisms, etc.).


The effectiveness of
Teledyne e2v data conversion platform in conjunction with the KU060 FPGA series
has been thoroughly tested. This has been undertaken by Teledyne e2v engineers
using the ADA-SDEV-KIT2 evaluation board from Alphadata, another key Xilinx
ecosystem partner, using 8 lanes of ESIstream.


“The space-constrained
nature of modern high-density hardware deployments means that the area of
programmable logic fabric allocated to serial interfacing needs to be reduced”
explains Stéphane Breysse, Product Applications Engineer — FPGA Interfaces
at Teledyne e2v Semiconductors. “This is why the ESIstream IP is such a
valuable addition to our overall data conversion offering. It enables greater
degrees of optimization to be realized and makes better use of available
programmable logic assets, while also achieving superior reliability

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