The Most Profitable Sports for Betting In Nigeria

Sports Betting Tips & Overview
Sports Betting Tips & Overview

Learn about which sports can yield more returns when betting with Nigerian online bookmakers. Make every bet count.

There are an unlimited amount of options when it comes to placing sports bets online. With the help of best betting sites, you have access to various sports and leagues, both international and local. This leaves you with the task of deciding which sports to bet on to make more profit in the long run. To determine the most lucrative sports to bet on, there are a few factors to consider.

First, you need to consider the number of games played in a particular sport. The reason why football betting dominates the betting scene is the vast amount of leagues and matched played in each season. The events in a particular sport, the more chances you get to wager. There will certainly be losses, but you have to place more wagers to make a profit.

Secondly, check for sports with good odds. If the odds for a sport are not favourable, your chances of making a profit low. Your return is determined by the odds available. Some sports odds require you to stake a high amount for low odds. These are the sports you should avoid.

Lastly, the most profitable sports are easy to predict. This does not necessarily mean they are boring, but there is information available to the bettors to guide them when placing their bets.

The factors listed above will guide you when trying to choose a sport to bet on. However, if you are looking for quick answers, below are the top 3 most profitable sports for betting


Besides being the most popular sports in the world, Football has the most leagues and events that last round the year. Asides the major leagues, almost every country has its league. This gives the average bettor more than enough events to bet on. Football also has some of the best odds with loads of information to guide you before you wager. Football odds are not the highest, but they can earn you millions in the long run. In addition to the fair odds and multiple events, the Football betting market is versatile, as there are different types of bets a punter can place. Several bookmakers offer large betting options for football, this provides more options punters and an avenue to make money.

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Basketball is also a popular sport and relatively easy to predict. The chances are not poor when it comes to betting, either. They’re sizeable and you can make a good profit from it if you know your stuff. When it comes to calculation, you should know that the calculation of odds is no different from the normal odds that you know. Unlike popular view, basketball games aren’t few. There are about 30 teams within the NBA [National Basketball Association]. Each team plays 82 regular-season games. There are 41 of those games played at home, and 41 are played away. Those games are at the NBA alone. Know other leagues are in there. The chances are not poor when it comes to betting, either. They’re favourable and you can make a profit from it. When it comes to calculating odds, the calculation of odds is no different from the other sports odds.


The world of Tennis is big. The circuits for men and women are built in this way separately. It’s almost hard to keep track of everything sometimes. With this, it’s clear events will occur regularly. Also, Odds can be up to a hundred-plus on occasion. Of course, such odds are almost always improbable. But you must also know that even the most improbable odds are not that high in football. Probably odds in tennis can be as much as 6.0, especially when it’s a competition with different competitors.

Predicting and betting takes some work, but you’ll find it easy if you know what you’re doing. With time, you’ll certainly get better with a bit of research and practice.