Here’s How Star Lite Unveiled Its New 45cl Bottle


In an unusual but necessary way, virtual parties have become a thing that fun lovers have come to embrace given the times we are all in. While they might not have all the physical party elements like bumping into one another while dancing, they bring limitless fun, and that is often all that matters.

The “Lighter Moments” after-party, was one for the books, to be remembered by beer lovers across Nigeria as the day Star Lite held one of such parties in their honour. To celebrate consumer loyalty to the brand, the special product offering from Star Lager Beer unveiled its new 45cl bottle, amid hilarious banter from comedians and OAPs and non-stop music from DJs.

Here’s How Star Lite Unveiled Its New 45cl Bottle - Brand Spur

If you didn’t join the two days virtual unveil, here are a few things you missed.

Premium Banter from BigMoNaija & Friends — BigMoNaija as well as fellow OAP, Osama Akpunonu, popularly known as Osama the Comedian brought their A-game, making joke after joke about some of their best and worst drinking experiences, much to the delight of the online audience who also shared some of theirs in the comments.

Here’s How Star Lite Unveiled Its New 45cl Bottle - Brand Spur

First View of the New 45cl Star Lite Bottle — Vivianjaay, A Jos based lifestyle connoisseur was the first to get BigMoNaija to reveal the new 45cl bottle. For the first time ever, consumers got a chance to see the new bottle size of their favourite lite beer, and it looks sleek. It still has the same refreshing taste, but now in a handy bottle that makes you feel you can always go lighter around with a cold bottle in your pocket and not raise so many eyebrows.

The #LighterMoment Afterparty — The theme of the launch was ‘enjoy lighter moments’, and to give all the guests who turned up for the unveiling a really good time, the show wrapped up on the second day with an afterparty hosted by DJ TTB. The MTVBase DJ came armed with a playlist of classic and trending Nigerian jams which the audience clearly loved!

For the brand, the hour-long Instagram Live event was a good time to reconnect with fans and give them a fun experience despite the difficult times that some of them might be going through. Star Lite has been a favourite for many consumers, especially consumers seeking an active lifestyle with a beer with lower calories, 100% natural ingredient brew and low alcohol content at 3.9%.


Both the new 45cl and the 60cl Star Lite beer bottles are now in stores for consumers to enjoy.