Augmented Reality Shows, Virtual Reality Concerts, And Drive-In Cinemas. Entertainment And Experiences are Set to Take A New Shape After COVID-19


Wizkid gets on stage and belts out his signature chant — “Everybody says yeah, yeah”. The fans go nuts, you and your partner bump fist and toast to an amazing night. And after 3 hours of Starboy bliss, you unplug your VR gear, roll-up your pyjamas, and rest your head while you tweet about the amazing E-concert you just had.

This may very well be the future of entertainment.

When Travis Scott launched his new song and held a concert on the Multiplayer game, Fortnite, many may have found it odd. However, in light of the restrictions due to the pandemic, this may have been a glimpse into a different, yet exciting future for creatives.

Since its inception, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology have always shown great potential in its application to providing surreal digital experiences. However, as more people begin to stay at home and heed to strict social distancing rules, the time may have come for us to truly embrace these technologies.

Augmented Reality Shows, Virtual Reality Concerts, And Drive-In Cinemas. Entertainment And Experiences are Set to Take A New Shape After COVID-19 - Brand Spur

Championing this new and exciting future is LiveSpot360, a renowned creative collective who have just launched some truly innovative platforms that are set to pioneer this new reality of the entertainment industry.

Its new platforms Lutopia and Virtuopia are set to use creative bits of technology to circumvent these trying times and offer creatives, brands and consumers a way to enjoy and deliver digital experiences.


From Drive-In Silent Discos, Drive-In Cinemas, Drive-Thru Fast Food & Grill and other experiences, Lutopia is pretty much social-distancing with leisure and entertainment on steroids. Considering how much we all have missed the cinemas; this is one idea that is sure to strike gold.

Virtuopia, the second big initiative announced by LiveSpot360 revs the tech up with some truly breathtaking execution of Augmented Reality concerts, Virtual Cinema, Livestream of events, and conferences. At this point, we’re pretty much living in the future, and it’s exciting that a Nigerian company is at the heart of this.

It’s no surprise though, as Livespot360 has always been one of the most innovative brands on the advertising, marketing and entertainment scene. It’s still early days but if LiveSpot360 can deliver on its promise, then we are set to be ushered into the future of experiential marketing and entertainment in awesome ways.

With an impressive track record that includes pulling off some of the most dynamic executions and biggest shows the continent has ever seen, including Livespot X Festival with Cardi B, The Falz Experience, as well as the much-acclaimed BAFEST series, LiveSpot360 is perfectly poised to herald us into this bold new world.

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