Multichoice sets to integrate Netflix, Amazon streaming services on decoder


Multichoice, owners of DStv, Africa’s largest PayTV, signed deals with Netflix and Amazon, to integrate their streaming services into a new DStv Explora decoder.

The goal is to encourage customer retention as competition arises with streaming platforms gaining subscribers in Africa.

Still, in Multichoice’ full-year report (2019 April – March 2020), its subscribers rose by 5%, with demand increasing in March when South Africa, its biggest market, began its COVID-19 lockdown.

In a statement detailing their financial results for 2020, Multichoice announced their plans to partner with third-party streaming services.

“In addition to compelling local stories, MCG continues to broadcast the best of sport and international content and will now be integrating third-party streaming services onto its DStv platform. The recently signed distribution agreements with two major international Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) providers will ensure that customers have access to a wider variety of content, all in a single place,” said Calvo Mawela, Chief Executive Officer.

While little is being said about the details, customers are being told that more information will be available in the coming weeks.

The agreement between the companies will make it easier for newer streaming services to tap into the South African market and better the offering for avid DStv-users.

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In the presentation, MultiChoice also announced that field trials of their upcoming standalone streaming service, DStv Now, have already begun.