How Nigerian Fans Should Approach Football Betting

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One of the most popular sports for anyone in the world to bet on is football, and this is certainly the case in Nigeria. Fans inside the country love to watch football, and that also leads to many people betting on it.

From the local leagues where Nigerian stars play to those right at the top of football such as the Premier League, where global stars take to the field. It doesn’t matter what or where football is at the heart of many things for this nation.

But if you are looking to bet on football and you don’t have too much experience with it all, where do you start?

Here we have put together the first three steps to football betting for Nigerian fans, which will hopefully put you on the right track.

Finding a Bookmaker

The first step to betting is to find a bookmaker you can use. When opening a new account, this will usually come with a few bonuses attached such as free bets that new players can use to get started.

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Big bookmakers such as William Hill offer welcome bonuses on sign up as an incentive for joining with them rather than the competition. These can be used to feel your way around the website you have joined, and if you are lucky enough to win with them, you can create a betting bank for free from your winning.

Alongside offering free bets when you sign up, the best bookmakers will also offer you a range of different football leagues you can bet on, competitive odds and many different betting markets to use.

Bet Simple to Begin

Perhaps the biggest piece of advice for new players who are betting for the first time is to bet simply. The natural reaction is to go for a big win by putting together a complicated bet, but the best approach is to do the opposite.

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Rather than trying to win big amounts, completely forget about the winnings on offer. As a newcomer, your sole focus should be on winning.

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The best way to start is to win and build confidence, then you can try out some of the more complicated bets later down the line that will win you bigger returns. Don’t get for these at the start, you will likely lose and hit your confidence at a time when you don’t want to do that.

Small wins in your first few weeks will allow you to slowly increase your betting bank, they will build your confidence and they will put you on the right path to success.

Bet on Leagues You Watch

If you are with a great football bookmaker than you will notice that they offer to bet on pretty much every league around the world. There is a lot to choose from, and this can be too much if anything.

The key to being a successful football punter is to ignore those leagues that you don’t watch and focus on those you do.

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Thanks to advancements in telecom and IT, people can bet whenever they like. Rather than rushing in and choosing to bet on the next league that is kicking off, be patient and wait for something to come around that you have knowledge on and you watch regularly.

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The more information you have about an upcoming game, the more chance you have of getting something right and picking winners. Those betting blind on leagues they don’t know, don’t often do well.

Whatever footballing knowledge you have should be used against the bookmakers to try and give you the edge and beat them. Don’t fall into the trap of betting without any knowledge.

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How Nigerian Fans Should Approach Football Betting - Brand SpurHow Nigerian Fans Should Approach Football Betting - Brand Spur

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How Nigerian Fans Should Approach Football Betting - Brand SpurHow Nigerian Fans Should Approach Football Betting - Brand Spur

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