Who Is Responsible For What We Teach Our Children?


One of my favourite artists, , asked the question of “who is responsible for what we teach our children” in her popular track “Fire on the Mountain”. Is it the internet or stars on ?

It is amazing to watch children grow and see how they pick up characters. As individuals, we are products of nature and nurture. The values we display are greatly affected by certain environmental factors. Therefore, we need to take a critical look at the role of the in shaping the characters of children.

A while ago, we could predict what children were watching on television since the choices of TV stations available were limited. Now, the choices of programmes are limitless such that we can spend a good amount of time switching between channels to decide on the one we are most interested in. It is very good that we have these varieties. Are there content appropriate for adults and children to watch at the same time? Or do we limit children to only?

I think there is a gap that needs to be filled in the area of local creation for children. We need more family-oriented TV stations whose language and scenes are appropriate for children. Please share your thoughts on what watch on .

Written by: Anifat Ibrahim