Do you read food labels at all? Or is it just another “Terms and Conditions”?


Many of us are guilty of quickly checking the “Yes, I Agree” button when we install software on our devices without reading the Terms and Conditions (T & Cs). Some people have argued that those T & Cs are often made lengthy deliberately to frustrate users from reading them. Whether this is true or not, we accept T & Cs with the hope that there is no apparent harm.

When it comes to food labelling for our packaged foods, we need to take extra caution to know what we are eating. Beyond checking for production and expiry dates to determine the shelf lives of our foods, we need to check if these foods are suitable for us based on our health needs and possible allergies.

Recently, someone I know complained of dizziness and fatigue for several days. She did medical tests and took drugs, but her condition did not improve significantly. Later on, she realized that her condition could be linked to a brand of green tea which she consumed daily. On checking the label of the green tea, she discovered that it was meant for people with high blood sugar.

In a nutshell, It is good one checks labels for other relevant information apart from expiry dates. Please share your thoughts.

Written by: Anifat Ibrahim, Research Associate | Project Management Professional (PMP).