Medview Airline Plc to sell 2 Aircraft in its fleet


Medview Airline Plc wishes to inform its shareholders, The Nigerian Stock Exchange and other stakeholders that the Board of the company at its meeting held on Thursday, 23rd July 2020, arrived at the following resolutions:

Approval for the sale of two aircraft viz;
  1. 8737-4AO 5NMAA in Estonia and
  2. 8737-4OO 5NMAB in Lagos

The sale proceeds will enable the company to liquidate part of its indebtedness and inject part of the funds into its operations so as to jump-start it again after the COVID-19 pandemic total lockdown.

Approval of the return of the leased aircraft engine to Aeolus, the lessor, so as to obviate the payment of additional rent; Engine number CFM5G3C1 ESN 857871

Medview Airline Plc also accepted the resignation of two directors, namely:

  1. Mr. Ayodeji AriyoGbeleyi
  2. Alhaji Olabode Kacheef Oyedele