Apple showcases the Best of Made in Nigeria Apps in Independence Day feature.

Apple showcases the Best of Made in Nigeria Apps in Independence Day feature.

Lagos, Nigeria – Apple has put together a curation of apps made by Nigerian developers to showcase the creativity of the local technology sector in a special independence day feature.

The apps spotlighted includes games, productivity and entertainment apps. The featured games include the popular card game ‘Whot King’ developed by Maliyo Games.

Apple showcases the Best of Made in Nigeria Apps in Independence Day feature.

Whot King is an immersive mobile card game for casual gamers that is packed with cool features that will keep users entertained, engaged, and excited. This new game, with its unique card design, orientation and beautiful aesthetics, will be a must have for mobile- gaming enthusiasts!

What is Whot?

Apple showcases the Best of Made in Nigeria Apps in Independence Day feature.

Whot is a popular card game played by millions of people around the world. It is especially favored, however, by friends and families in Nigeria and in other West-African countries. Due to its popularity, Whot has been considered the “national card game” for many West-African countries. Whot King is designed to complement that tradition, with remarkably simple and intuitive gameplay. Anyone with a smartphone will have a fun experience matching cards in this exciting new game!

Apple showcases the Best of Made in Nigeria Apps in Independence Day feature.
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How does Whot King work?

Whot King offers a complete tutorial and well-defined directions with the goal of attaining new levels and accomplishments. Commenting on Whot King’s tutorial, Maliyo CEO & Founder Hugo Obi said “In designing Whot King, we considered the possibility that a lot of people might be

first-time Whot players. That’s why we included an interactive tutorial to simplify the player onboarding process”.

The card matching works on two variables, symbols or numbers when a new card appears from your opponent. A range of cards with extra powers is present in the game to keep you on your toes. The game’s strongest card, the “Whot” card, works as a magic charm that enables players to change a card’s symbol. Whot King also includes a tournament mode, which allows one to play on their own without depending on other players. The ultimate goal of every game of Whot King is to run out of cards before your opponent.

What are some of Whot King’s features?

Whot King aims to transform a player’s gaming experience with the natural aesthetic of African beauty combined with an engaging card game. Commenting on Whot King’s design, CEO Hugo Obi said: “A unique part of the design was to move away from the traditional landscape design into a portrait mode which allows the user to play passively, since players only use one hand to control gameplay.”

Some of Whot King’s features include:

•  A fun and new user-interface based on dreamy and colourful themes

•  Cards with an out-of-the-box design that makes the game stand out 

•  A thrilling quick-play timed mode, so every game is different 

•  A collection of fascinating avatars for players 

•  Achievement-sharing on social media 

•  Intuitive responses to all button inputs for quick decision-making 


Online Multiplayer and Adventure Mode. Players will feel like Kings and Queens after successfully achieving different levels in this ingeniously designed mobile phone game. “Like many young people growing up in Nigeria and across West Africa, I played Whot game. As a game developer, I wanted to create an aesthetically pleasing and immersive gaming experience and take Whot to the global community of casual mobile gamers. I believe we can achieve this with Whot King,” continued CEO Hugo Obi.

Maliyo Games, based in Lagos, Nigeria, is a company known for its unique mobile games. Our products are inspired by African themes, clearly visible in the game environments, sounds, stories, and characters. A few of the fantastic projects that define Maliyo Games as a talented developing team include Mosquito Smasher, Okada Rider, and Aboki Run.

Gear up, download WHOT KING for Android and iPhone, and let the endeavour begin! Video Game Trailer: iOS users: Android users: