My meditation for today is Laycon & Erica.

My meditation for today is Laycon & Erica.

Do you know that the Laycon/Erica story is the most common male fantasy?

It is the story of a guy who doesn’t have much going for him and confesses his love to a beautiful girl who doesn’t think he is worth her time.

In the story, she is usually enamoured with some other hunky guy who can have any girl he wants and has money to throw around (and may only be using her for thrills.)

My meditation for today is Laycon & Erica.

*Let the Choir open to Hymn 411 and sing: “Gallery” by Mario Vasquez.

As I was saying; in this male fantasy, the ‘poor guy’ has a lot of potentials. But he is still in raw form. He may have a lean chest because he hasn’t been hitting the gym. He could be broke by virtue of the circumstance of his birth: but he is trying to put in the work.

He hasn’t quite gotten his big break yet. And even though the girl may see some of his good qualities, she only thinks of him as just a friend.

*May we all rise for Hymn 2002 by Mario titled “Just a friend.” 

As the story goes: the girl usually walks away or turns him down because she isn’t interested in his potential. Sometimes she throws a belittling insult or a demeaning remark which spurs the guy to go on this self-development rampage to become a better person or to become a Winner;

He eventually wins and everyone is celebrating him and he can now have any girl he wants (in the fantasy) and she just missed out on the chance to have him all to herself, while also probably having been used and dumped by the other guy who she was chasing after.

Let the choir turn to hymn 1234 by Avril Lavigne: “Skater Boi” and may we all sing the 3rd stanza together:

“Sorry girl but you missed out.

We’ll tough luck that boy is mine now.

We are more than just good friends.

This is how the story ends.

It’s too bad that you couldn’t see…

See the man that boy could be

There is more than meets the eyes

I see the soul that is inside.”

Now let’s take our sympathy offering for Erica. Please visit the gofundme page and support our sister through these trying times.

End Note: 

This male fantasy is rooted in something called the Anima which Carl Gustav Jung wrote extensively about.

The anima is not a real woman- but is the image of the perfect woman that inspires and motivates a man to bring out the best in himself.

The relevance of the anima is not to get the girl- but to be the man.

And I’m glad that Laycon is now “the man.” (Only figuratively; it is not money that makes a man but character development and maturity which winning 85 million doesn’t automatically bring).

I’m sure it’s an inspiring story for every male viewer of the show and is a sweet compensatory story for every guy who has ever been turned down by a girl.

But It may be a bit more difficult for a woman to understand because the burden from the female end is the complex choice of deciding between the ready-made guy and the guy with potential.

And I can’t pretend to have the answers to that complex question. It’s just amazing to see it all play out in a few weeks on a tv using real human beings without a script.

Written by Ten Esan, Founder at EMB Investment Group, Associate at LSG Solicitors and General Counsel, Oniru Royal Family Estate.