Green Marketing Opens up SUNMADE’s Global Business Opportunities


TAIWAN – Media OutReach – 5 October 2020 – In
Taiwan, 80% of solar LED traffic signs on highways are from SUNMADE Inc., which
are not only green and energy-saving, but also durable with warranty as long as
7 years, making road traffic safer and sound. SUNMADE Inc. newly rolls out
SUNMADE Dots, a ground-breaking technology used in traffic signs. Green Trade Project Office (GTPO)
under Taiwanese government helps craft marketing strategies for the technology,
from product development, marketing and trade shows. SUNMADE is therefore able
to open up Europe and Middle East markets and make made-in-Taiwan (MIT)
products known to global customers.

Green Marketing Opens up SUNMADE’s Global Business Opportunities.


Decades of Experiences in Traffic Engineering

SUNMADE Inc. was founded as a traffic engineering company
and dedicated to solar LED traffic signs at first. Like many SMEs in Taiwan,
SUNMADE made its success with persistence in niche markets. SUNMADE’s solar LED
traffic signs are adopted by Taiwan’s highways with the market share of 80% due
to products benefits, such as low energy
consumption, no-wire easy installation, and better visibility than traditional
reflective signs.


Continuing the success, SUNMADE recently developed the
technology-SUNMADE Dots and applied to signs to
reduce sun glare effect. SUNMADE Dots refracts sun glare to light up traffic
signs to increase viewable range, which turns the obstacle that haunts road
users into a boost in enhancing traffic safety. With worldwide patents, SUNMADE
Dots has great potential in multiple countries. However, like many SMEs in
Taiwan, SUNMADE is capable of providing good products and services but needs support
in brand building and global marketing.


Good Products Need Effective Marketing

GTPO started to support SUNMADE in 2017 by counseling
with the company, finding its market position and providing product development
directions. In 2018, SUNMADE introduced the market, ‘green anti- sunglare
signage’, a series of innovative products in traffic engineering. Green Trade
Project recommended SUNMADE to adopt a more creative marketing strategy for the
new products: re-designing product catalog, shooting micro-movies for products
and brand images, introducing the company and its services to offshore markets
in a systematic manner. All these efforts came to bear fruit in 2019 when
SUNMADE went to Poland and Qatar for trade shows. Local governments liked the
idea of green and innovative traffic signs, then soon placed pilot run orders
on SUNMADE Dots to be installed on highways.


Lieh-Hsiung Hu,
General Manager of SUNMADE Inc., said that in the perspective of road traffic
safety, countries around the world have failed to solve sun
glare /sun-dazzle
problems. The only exception might be Japan, where traffic signs were drilled
with many small holes to reduce sun glare effect, but the optical angles is too
small, and visible range is too short to work. In comparison, SUNMADE utilized
its unique SUNMADE Dots technology in anti- sunglare traffic signs, which ‘borrows’ ambient
light to lit up signs.  Traffic signs can
therefore be seen in a longer distance even in a sun glare scenario.


Exposure in Europe and Middle East

“We know how to make great
products, but have little experience in marketing, therefore we needed
assistance from the Green Trade Project.” Hu said. In 2018, SUNMADE visited
ASEAN nations, attended local trade shows and found potential clients in
Malaysia and Singapore by partaking in the Taiwanese government’s “New
Southbound” policy. In 2019, SUNMADE went to Poland with GTPO’s ITRI team and
introduced their SUNMADE Dots products to Rzeszow city government officials.
The Rzeszow city government immediately placed trial orders, which is currently
undergoing product certification procedures and is expected to ship out in


In 2019, SUNMADE
also went to Qatar, one of the richest middle-east nations with GTP and participated
in “Project Qatar 2019”, the global trade
show for building materials. “Qatar
government’s public engineering officials came to SUNMADE’s booth and invited
SUNMADE to brief to the government the next day. The successful presentation
lead to introduce anti- sunglare
and solar LED signs to their highways, ” Hu said.  This project was originally scheduled to be
completed by the end of 2020, but was delayed by COVID-19 till early 2021.


New Milestones in
Smart Traffic

successfully promoted its green traffic signs from Taiwan to global market. As
green and energy-saving are more and more valued among international society,
SUNMADE holds a good position and ambitiously crafts a roadmap for wider market
access with smart traffic system. On top of LED and anti-
sunglare signages, SUNMADE
is also developing its smart traffic solutions that can further improve road
safety and inform road-users with more information in real-time. SUNMADE also
developed a series of smart traffic signs such as on-coming vehicles early
warning, pedestrian crossing warning, rain and fog detection and warning and
etc. These warning systems integrate with IoT connection so that traffic data can
be sent via cloud to the control center for data analysis and realize the
ultimate goal of smart traffic.