How has mobile gameplay affected the slots industry?

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Throughout the whole of human history, we have had a rather close connection with the act of gambling, and this has also enabled many new technological discoveries that have succeeded in further popularising the various gambling games we play today. From playing card tablets all the way back before the birth of Christ to roulette in the 1800s, so many of the games we love today have been born out of innovation. 

Of course, by far the most successful innovation in the world of casino gambling simply has to be the slot machines first invented by a Californian engineer called Charles D. Fey. These swept the world a century ago before the online slot revolution of the 21st century made them even more popular. Mobile slots at Slots Baby have also been around for approximately the last decade, read ahead to find out how mobile gameplay has affected the slots industry.

How has mobile gameplay affected the slots industry Brandspurng

Now even easier to play slot games 

One of the defining features of modern mobile slots is that they are so much more practical to play than even normal online slots. We all know how many online slots changed the game due to their inherent practicality, and now mobile slots are doing the exact same thing. Just think about it: you can play mobile slots from quite literally anywhere providing you have an Internet connection, even under the desk at work! 

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Many gambling analysts are in agreement that this is the main reason why so many people are spinning the reels on mobile slots now. The easier you make it to gamble, the more gamblers are going to want to engage in some reel spinning! 

Developers now make their games with mobiles in mind 

When mobile slots first came about around a decade ago they were still a bit of an afterthought, which meant that online slot developers such as NetEnt and Red Tiger Gaming were making their games for desktops first, and then altering them slightly for the mobile platform.

These days, however, due to the runaway success of the mobile slots market most developers are actually designing their games for mobile devices, and then simply making them fit on a desktop screen as well. 

Bigger prizes are on offer due to the added revenue 

One thing that is always good about the slots industry experiencing profound growth is that the jackpot prizes available for gamblers can also get bigger and bigger. If developers and online casino sites are consistently getting more revenue it makes common sense for them to increase the prizes and therefore attract the attention of even more slot gamblers. 

The slot industry has doubled in size at least

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The statistics show that after the mobile slot industry began to prominence the slot industry has at least doubled in size, with many gambling experts saying that it is far far more than this. 

When you consider the amount of revenue to be made from mobile slots it really comes as no surprise either.

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How has mobile gameplay affected the slots industry? - Brand SpurHow has mobile gameplay affected the slots industry? - Brand Spur

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How has mobile gameplay affected the slots industry? - Brand SpurHow has mobile gameplay affected the slots industry? - Brand Spur

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