Kia Unveils Two Rugged X-Line Sorento Concepts Built for the Wild

2021 Sorento - Yosemite
Sorento Yosemite Edition Sorento Yosemite Edition aims at exploring high-elevation locales and mountain living |

Aggressive Custom SUVs Signal Brand’s Focus on Adventure, Capability and Trail Readiness

2021 Sorento - Yosemite
Sorento Yosemite Edition
Sorento Yosemite Edition aims at exploring high-elevation locales and mountain living |

November 20, 2020 – Since the arrival of the award-winning Telluride last year and the head-turning Seltos in early 2020, Kia Motors America (KMA) has had its sights on building a robust and reimagined SUV line-up. As the next step in this capability-focused product strategy, the all-new 2021 Sorento is poised to bring customers a new level of trail-ready toughness not yet seen from the brand.

2021 Sorento - Yosemite
Sorento Zion Edition
Sorento Zion Edition is a dune-defeating desert escape vehicle |

To celebrate this rugged personality, KMA unveiled a pair of custom-built Sorento SUVs – the Yosemite Edition and the Zion Edition – during the brand’s virtual national dealer meeting this week.

The two wilderness-themed SUVs build upon the production Sorento X-Line model, a variant that highlights off-road prowess with unique 20-inch wheels, increased ride height to 8.3-in., improved approach/departure angles, more advanced AWD with snow-mode, and a more robust roof rack than the outgoing Sorento.

2021 Sorento - Yosemite
2021 Sorento – Zion

Customized by LGE-CTS Motorsports of San Dimas, CA, each vehicle receives its namesake and inspiration from the outdoor environments found in America’s great national parks.

The Sorento Yosemite Edition is a dream build for high elevation adventuring and mountain living, painted in “Pine Green” in a matte finish with glossy and matte black accents.  The Sorento Zion Edition is a desert escape vehicle made for stomping dunes, painted in “Desert Sand” in a gloss finish with gloss black accents.

2021 Sorento - Yosemite
2021 Sorento – Zion

Both feature custom fender flares that sit atop 20-inch wheels and 32-inch all-terrain tires. Body armour includes custom skid plates and brush guards in a satin chrome finish.  For packing gear, the Yosemite edition wears a brawny roof rack, while the Zion Edition comes equipped with a full-length cargo top.  The duo will be making special appearances around the country to capture the imagination of adventurers and enthusiasts, alike.

2021 Sorento - Yosemite
2021 Sorento – Yosemite

While most customers will not take their Sorento to the level of customization seen on the Yosemite and Zion Editions, many have shown a penchant for personalizing their Kia SUVs.  To satisfy that desire, Kia will offer an exciting range of port-installed and dealer-installed accessories.


Customers can tailor their Sorento to their lifestyle and needs with attachments such as roof rack crossbars, tow hitches for trailers, and side steps for easier load-in of toys.

The 2021 Kia Sorento will arrive in showrooms beginning in November.