Photo News: Star Radler Rewards Consumers with Makeover for Christmas


It’s Christmas and everyone is getting pumped and ready to create special moments and have super fun with friends, family, fried rice, and chicken. Did we get it right? What are your plans for the festive season?

We know planning is not the easiest thing to do during the festive period, however, for 10 lucky people, the story is different. Star Radler went the extra mile to raise the excitement with tailored-down plans, all these guys had to do was ‘Show Up’ and they did.

Brandspurng-Star-Radler-Rewards-Consumers-with-Makeover-for-Christmas1 Brandspurng-Star-Radler-Rewards-Consumers-with-Makeover-for-Christmas1 Brandspurng-Star-Radler-Rewards-Consumers-with-Makeover-for-Christmas1

You would recall that shortly after Star Radler relaunched with a new look and its new variant, Erica and Elozonam announced a Star Radler Moments Challenge on their social media pages so fans could get the chance to win a Star Radler Makeover for Christmas.

Brandspurng-Star-Radler-Rewards-Consumers-with-Makeover-for-Christmas1 Brandspurng-Star-Radler-Rewards-Consumers-with-Makeover-for-Christmas1 Brandspurng-Star-Radler-Rewards-Consumers-with-Makeover-for-Christmas1

As a young and dynamic brand, Star Radler launched the challenge to encourage creativity and fun among the consumers. All they had to do was show how creative they could be in capturing their favourite moments with Star Radler.

Also, they shared reasons why they deserved to win the special makeover. It was a tough call as there were so many entries, however, only ten lucky people got to celebrate Christmas early with two of their favourite celebrities, Erica Nlewedim, Elozonam Ogbolu, and of course, Star Radler.


On Wednesday, December 23rd, the winners started with the ladies opting for trendy hairstyles and fancy nail-dos, while the guys all looked refreshed with the nice and clean haircut. Once they were done getting their hair done, the excited winners took turns in getting a manicure and pedicure care at the popular Kuku’s Hair Salon in Lekki.

Afterwards, Star Radler treated them to an exotic Lebanese cuisine at Salma’s Restaurant where one of the winners revealed it was her birthday. To make the moment extra special for her, Elozonam unleashed his musical side with a sweet ‘Happy birthday’ song. Who knew Elozonam had such a lovely voice?

Once dinner was over, everyone took to their IG live for some more Radler moments with the celebrities. To cap it all, they received some trays of Star Radler while one of the winners presented his brand of jean-styled shirts to the celebrities as gifts. We bet you wished you participated in the challenge.

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Don’t worry, the year is not over yet. First, it was a tour. Now, the duo has taken fans out for a makeover and dinner. With Erica and Elozonam teaming up with Star Radler, who knows what will come next?