Heung-Min Son Gets Closer to Fans Through Tottenham Hotspur Korea Twitter Account

  • Son’s fans
    will be able to follow new Twitter account of Tottenham Hotspur Korea and enjoy
    exclusive content of the superstar footballer
  • Customized content launches with exclusive Q&A with Heung-Min Son
  • Twitter launched a special emoji designed in the
    image of Heung-Min Son’s face to commemorate the opening of @Spurs_KR 

▲ Picture Caption: ‘Tottenham Hotspur Korea’ Twitter
Account (www.twitter.com/Spurs_KR)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – Media OutReach – 18 January 2021 – Tottenham Hotspur has officially launched a new Spurs Korea Twitter
account (@Spurs_KR) on January
18th and released a variety of exclusive content related to Heung-Min Son. The
new Spurs Twitter account will provide fans with a new way to follow the club,
including content related to Heung-Min Son, the Tottenham player and Korea
National Team captain who has become a global superstar. Some Tweets will be
provided in both Korean and English for global fans. Before the official
launch, Heung-Min Son posted a Tweet from the new account with a short teaser
video, saying in Korean, “Pay attention, everyone!” on January 15th. 

▲Picture Caption: @Spurs_KR 1st Tweet with Heung-Min Son’s teaser
video (https://twitter.com/Spurs_KR/status/1350065198107910147)

To date, Tottenham Hotspur, the
most-watched and best-supported overseas football team in Korea, served its
Korean fans through its official Twitter account (@SpursOfficial). Korean Tottenham fans will also be able to view future exclusive
Heung-Min Son content like Q&A with Sonny, and behind-the-scenes Fleets via
the Korea Twitter account.

Twitter launched a special emoji to
celebrate the opening of Tottenham Hotspur Korea Twitter account. A special
emoji designed with Heung-Min Son’s face will be automatically applied to
Tweets using the hashtags #손흥민#Sonny#HeungMinSon#NiceOneSonny, and #토트넘. Emoji with the hashtags can be used from January 18th to April 18th.


▲ Picture Caption: A Special Emoji Commemorating the
Opening of Tottenham Hotspur Korea Twitter Account

Kim, Head of Global Kpop & Kcontent Partnership at Twitter said, “Twitter
is the best place to join the conversations in real time about many different
topics. Korean superstars are emerging in various activities globally, like BTS
and Heung-Min Son, while keeping their hometowns close to their hearts. Fans
want to follow Sonny’s and Tottenham’s latest news without any barriers, and
@Spurs_KR will share exclusive contents to connect with fans.”

Heung-Min Son is a captain of the
men’s South Korea national football team, and joined Tottenham Hotspur from
Bayer Leverkusen in August 2015. In 2020, Heung-Min Son ranked as ‘the most
Tweeted athlete in Korea’, as determined by Twitter analysis of Tweets and
accounts. On January 2nd, 2021, he scored his momentous 100th goal in the 17th
round of the 2020-2021 English Premier League (EPL) against Leeds United. @SpursOfficial collaborated with Heung-Min Son’s Korean fans for a video
congratulating him on his 100th goal, with well-wishers sharing comments like,
“So cool!! His 100th goal!!” and “Congratulations on your first goal of the new