KEF presents maximum bass* with the new KC62 subwoofer

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MAIDSTONE, KENT – Media OutReach – 21 January 2021 – To
maximise bass definition and indulge in the full drama of immersive
entertainment, welcome the new KEF KC62 Uni-Core™ Force-Cancelling subwoofer into your home. This integral
and innovative part of your sound setup is now more aesthetically pleasing than
ever. Deep and powerful bass used to be the domain of big-shouldered
subwoofers, but thanks to the new Uni-Core technology KEF successfully
prioritises design and sound in equal measure.

KEF presents maximum bass* with the new KC62 subwoofer

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Through exceptional engineering and
creativity, KEF engineers have developed new patent-pending technologies that
accurately reproduce the original recording, bringing all the splendour, impact
and emotion from music and film. The KEF KC62 subwoofer offers a solution to
the shift in the way we consume entertainment. In our lounge sits a portal to
the cinema, live concerts and keynote speeches. Ensuring the magic of musical
immersion or the poignancy of powerful words reach your ears with the intended


2021 sees KEF celebrating 60 years of an uncompromising commitment
for world-leading audio technology. KEF’s 60 year
obsession with producing the finest quality products that deliver their
signature sound ‘as the artist-intended’ is embodied in their current product
range honed by six decades of passion and heartfelt ambition to turn
every music lover into a music connoisseur.

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Design meets substance

The KC62 is crafted from extruded aluminium,
creating a curved cabinet which perfectly blends form and function, strength
and beauty. Whilst diminutive enough to blend into the décor, the Carbon Black
and Mineral White finishes also makes KC62 a beautiful statement. The cabinet
is incredibly sufficient at withstanding a range of bass production, from deep
thunder to quick and sharp agile bass without moving. Considering the aesthetic
impact is a greater priority, given the extensive time spent at home nowadays.
KEF delivers quality of sound and beautiful design once again with the KC62
subwoofer. Pair it with the KEF LS50 Wireless II speakers to get lost in bass-thumping tracks,
the ultimate movie experience, truly immersive gaming or binging on the latest boxset.


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With a new compact and sleek design, the KC62
subwoofer also delivers unprecedented depth and breath-taking accuracy in equal
measure. This is a result of the patent-pending Uni-Core technology, which is an
entirely new take on subwoofer designs. The Uni-Core design delivers ultra-compact
size and big performance, which sits at the heart of the innovative KC62.


Same performance, everywhere

The KC62 is also incredibly versatile, with a
collection of connection options that allow it to be used with
almost any audio system. The line
output with HPF allows for exceptional finetuned integration, while KEF
SmartConnect eliminates any connection issues. The KC62 is also compatible with
the KW1 adaptor kit for wireless compatibility, perfect for those who cannot
bear unsightly wires snaking around the room.


Intricate design does not require a
complicated setup.  The KC62 can
sonically integrate into any environment or listening room, thanks to the five
pre-set Room Placement Equalisation feature, which ensures you get the same
performance from KC62 no matter where you decide to place it. Achieve seamless
integration in free space, next to the wall, in a corner, nestled within a
cabinet or using the dedicated apartment mode.



The pioneering Uni-Core saves space and allows the drivers to have far
more excursion than an equivalent-sized traditional force-cancelling design,
unlocking more output and depth from less space. Uni-Core enables the subwoofer
to deliver high performance and powerful, dynamic, accurate bass in an ultra-compact size.


The P-Flex
is a brand-new innovative driver surround. The engineering to better resists the
acoustic pressure inside the cabinet without limiting sensitivity in the same
way traditional surround designs do. To achieve this, it is uniquely pleated in
such a way that is inspired by the Japanese art of paper-folding, earning
itself the nickname Origami Surround. It is this meticulous design that allows
the driver to move precisely as required by the audio signal. The result is a
deeper bass extension and a more accurate, detailed bass reproduction and
distortion reduction.

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The Smart
Distortion Control Technology
is a sensorless, motional feedback system
helps correct even the slightest abnormalities that may occur. It does this by
measuring the current in the voice coil and detecting and correcting any
non-linear distortions. This delivers more accurate, less coloured bass
performance. The new approach reduces the interaction between signal, amplifier
and driver. This, in turn, limits the distortion from these interactions resulting
in a cleaner, more accurate bass performance.


KC62’s performance is finetuned further still by a bespoke selection of in-house
designed DSP (Digital Signal Processing) algorithms in the form of KEF’s Music
Integrity Engine
. Algorithms including iBX (Intelligent Bass Extension) and
SmartLimiter, which continuously analyses the signal to prevent clipping, work
together to ensure the perfect relationship between all components.


The final piece of the performance puzzle is
amplification, which the KC62 has in abundance. The twin drivers are powered by
1,000W RMS (2 x 500W) of specially designed Class D amplification, providing
exceptional levels of control and the ability to deliver sudden bursts of power
when required, for example when enjoying your favourite high-octane action
sequence. Turn up the power; listen and believe.


Notes to


Summary of features                                               

  • Twin
    6.5-inch Uni-Core force cancelling driver array                        
  • P-Flex
    pressure resistant surround design                           
  • Smart
    Distortion Control Technology                        
  • Music
    Integrity Engine with iBX, SmartLimiter and Room Placement settings         
  • 1000W (2
    x 500W) RMS Class D amplification                                
  • Compact
    sealed aluminium cabinet
  • Exceptionally
    versatile controls for easy integration with any loudspeaker and any home
  • KW1
    wireless subwoofer adapter kit compatible for wireless operation


Price:   SGD

to buy:

  • Atlas Sound and Vision Pte Limited —
    #01-34 Millenia Walk 9 Raffles Blvd, Singapore 039596
  • Stereo Electronics – Plaza Singapura 68
    Orchard Road #04-06 Singapore 238839 
  • Musica Boutique — ION Challenger, 2
    Orchard Turn, #04-26 ION Orchard, Singapore 238801


discover more and Book a demo on KEF, please visit:

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About KEF

KEF was founded in 1961 by Raymond Cooke OBE (1925–1995). Headquartered, in
those early years, in a Nissen Hut on the premises of Kent Engineering &
Foundry in the UK, after more than half a century at the cutting edge of
audio the company remains committed to excellence in sound. From
ground-breaking Uni-Q technology to the bar-setting LS50 Wireless, KEF’s flair for the unusual — and
sometimes controversial — balances an obsession with design in harmony
with the most innovative
engineering. KEF’s reputation for quality is founded on a refusal to
compromise on aural authenticity or experience.

KEF presents maximum bass* with the new KC62 subwoofer

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KEF presents maximum bass* with the new KC62 subwoofer - Brand SpurKEF presents maximum bass* with the new KC62 subwoofer - Brand Spur

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KEF presents maximum bass* with the new KC62 subwoofer - Brand SpurKEF presents maximum bass* with the new KC62 subwoofer - Brand Spur

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- Advertisement -KEF presents maximum bass* with the new KC62 subwoofer - Brand SpurKEF presents maximum bass* with the new KC62 subwoofer - Brand Spur