How Brands are changing the face of smart cities.

How Brands are changing the face of smart cities brandspurng
Amara Eko Atlantic

The emergence of smart cities has changed the way and lenses in which people view the development of states and nations.

The emergence of smart cities can be attributed to various factors and drivers of change. One of the drivers of smart cities is Brands. You heard me well, brands can be attributed to being the enabler and driver of the kind of change and innovation that makes the concept of smart city evolve.

Brands are trying to solve the pain points and Problems of humans using their products and services and some even go further to attempt solving societal Problems thereby providing value. Many of the solution provided involves the use of technological capabilities to improve the quality of life enjoyed by consumers.

How Brands are changing the face of smart cities brandspurng
Amara Eko Atlantic

As Brands compete for the acquisition of new customers and retention of old customers, competition, therefore, serves as the breeding ground for innovative products and services to be delivered thereby increasing the tendency of the evolution of smart cities.

In the bid to stay ahead of the competition, there has been a lot of futuristic planning and creation of products and services that solve various needs. Some of the products and services that would shape the city of the future include products and services in the area of housing, transportation, health, payment solutions and so on.

Brands are developing a sustainable business model of the future and taking immediate steps to implement solutions that would be human friendly. Eco-friendly brands are being created and solutions are being made to create environmentally sustainable businesses. Brands in different sectors are going green in their production of goods.

Brands needing to achieve their vision are adopting artificial intelligence, internet of things and another technological driver to help improve their product and services.


Brands such as Amazon, Google, Tesla seem to be among the list of brands developing solutions with smart cities in mind. Products and services that make adoption pretty easy and of great value to human helps smart living.

The city of the future is here and the faster it evolves the faster great positive changes can happen in the way cities are planned, built and inhabited.