How To Become An Instagram Influencer

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People make attempts at becoming an Instagram influencer without giving thoughts about what it really means and what role they play.

An influencer is an individual who the skills, resources and capacity to affect the way and manner in which popular culture, news, goods and services are perceived by others due to their popularity, knowledge and position with the audience.

How To Become An Instagram Influencer Brandspurng

Popular and Powerful influencers with a large following who tends to have the much need amount of followers tend to charge between 500 thousand to one million depending on the nature of what you intend to put across.

The journey to take in becoming an influencer is not as easy as it appears. Here are 5 areas you have to build in order to start your influencer Journey:

1. Content Creation:

Influencers create contents that appeal to their audience and this contents attract the kind of audience needed e.g a Fashion Influencer would attract people interested in fashion or those who want to invest in it.

2. An eye for storytelling through words and images:

Your followers follow you for a reason. They like your stories. They can relate to what you post on social media. Good writing especially in terms of captions for Instagram and tweets would go along way in building your brand.

Another time is the use of visual storytelling to drive home a point. Good quality images and memes in which your target audience can relate with.

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3. Niche:

You have to know what kind of contents you like to put out there and be known for and also what interests people. Many people interested in becoming an influencer set their focus on popular areas like comedy and acting.

However, there are areas that can be explored and can easily be dominated if you have the skills and resources. Areas like food, travel, fitness can be tapped into. You can also be an influencer in the form of thought leadership in your industry especially if you are into white-collar jobs. You can write an opinion piece and talk about issues and way forward in your industry.

4. Trust and Credibility

When your content is credible then you build to build trust with your audience.
They begin to trust the content you put out there and even help share or broadcast your message and content to others.

5. Consistency:

Be consistent with your contents and you will slowly build an audience who acknowledges you as the place of reference for a particular type of information or content or resources.

Consistency does not mean posting every day but it means having a particular period you post and following this method through so as people can know when to expect new content.

These steps are going to help build you to the kind of influencers that moves people towards taking a particular action and who knows you can get brands to use you for their product placements.