Fostering Unethical Advertising: The Influencers Manipulation Tactics.

Fostering Unethical Advertising The Influencers Manipulation Tactics BRANDSPURNG
Photo by Eyitayo Adekoya

Brands and Businesses of recent have been using a lot of influencers in their campaign to drive sales and improve the image of their products or company.

Those in the fashion, fitness and beauty industry make more use of influencers and models compared to some other industries. However, these brands and their influencers are guilty of exaggerating the effects of their products especially those in the beauty category.

Fostering Unethical Advertising The Influencers Manipulation Tactics BRANDSPURNG
Photo by Eyitayo Adekoya

Women don’t play with their beauty and whenever they see an avenue to enhance their beauty, they take it but of recent many have fallen victims of many of these influencers uncertified claims about some of the beauty products they advertised.

Many of these social media influencers advertise this beauty product subtly that they don’t appear as ads most times, however, this can be dangerous in the sense that your followers did not know that such post intended to advertise to them.

They watch as you apply the product thinking you actually use that product as this serves as a form of validation for them. A proof that someone they consume their content actually uses that product and this can influence their decision to buy. While this might serve as a problem the major Problem is the deceit.

Fostering Unethical Advertising brandspurng The Influencers Manipulation Tactics
Photo by Smart Araromi

Many influencers employ the use of deceit to market products of business who employed their services. A lot of these influencers graphically manipulate the images or video in which they feature the beauty products.

They create videos and images of them using this product and how the product has been helping them clear their skin or treat their skin to the desired state. This move generates interest for people who are aspiring to look better than they currently are. Why practice such manipulative evil? Why deceive your followers just to make your money?

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The Advertising Practitioners of Nigeria (APCON) and National food and National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) need to wake up and put a stop to these atrocities that Businesses part in.

They can collaborate with consumer protection bodies to fight off this manipulation done by influencers and supported by brands. The regulatory bodies have to put a stop to this before it is too late.

The constant deceit used by social media influencers to sell their clients’ product is a very deadly sin that shouldn’t go unpunished.