Football and Sports Betting in Africa

Football and Sports Betting in Africa Brandspurng
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Football and Sports Betting in Africa - Brand Spur

Ever since ancient times, sports have become an international hobby for millions of people, and with it, sports betting and lotteries were created along with the enthusiasm of people seeing their favorite teams and contestants aiming for the winning. The growing popularity of lotteries and sports betting was such that at some point, it started to have a huge impact on the economy.


Governmental participation started to play an important role in sports betting, gambling and lotteries. Although the dark side of gambling and sports betting have eclipsed the joyous side, nowadays it has spread more than ever, and despites the negative thought it can bring, the truth is that it can become a fun and entertained way of making money.

How Sports Betting Have Grown in Africa

According to researchers, sports betting has been played in the African continent for more than 70 years already. In Nigeria, it has been found that at least 60 million adult Nigerians have been involved in sports betting in the last years.

The growing popularity of sports betting in African countries is due to the loving and support Africans give to sports; in the current times, the sports that receive more attention in this continent include running races, rugby, cricket and horse racing. However, it is no secret that the sport owning the first place, not only in Africa but in the world, is football.

Football as A Main Sports Betting Reason

Now, the fact that football is the leader of all sports is something everyone is aware of. When it comes to sports betting, football offers better wagering opportunities for those enthusiastic players, including the chances of betting in a wide range of games. Football is the most played sports in the world, and with the popularization of the European league in the last decades, it has spread even more and has boosted the interest of football fans all around the globe. In this way, it is not a surprise to see young people excited while watching football matches, because devotion to sports and the massive sports betting growth in the continent is considerable.

Other Factors That Boost African Sports Betting

Besides the fact that Africans are hardcore sports bettors, other reason for the betting popularization, is the young population currently living in the continent. The majority of young adults, passionate for sports and football, day by day enhance the use of smartphones to reach the sportsbooks and online betting sites.


Sports betting businesses have improved along with the help of the internet. Nowadays, it is possible to bet in platforms all over the world. In Africa, it is now more usual to find sport betting sites that offer great services, promotions and bonuses for their participants; these also ease the opportunity to reach the sportsbooks and analyze the following games. Currently in Nigeria and other parts of Africa, it is very common to use the Nigerian bookmarker NairaBET or Bet9ja bookmarker review where any bettor can find great and fun ways to bet