Brand Spur Nigeria Partners Gerety Awards, Hosts 2021 Jury Panel In Lagos

Brand Spur Partners Gerety Awards, Hosts 2021 Jury Panel In Lagos-Brand Spur Nigeria
Brand Spur Partners Gerety Awards, Hosts 2021 Jury Panel In Lagos-Brand Spur Nigeria

Gerety Awards has been billed to honour Nigerian creatives and in its usual practice, the organizer of the awards has selected a set of jurors who are big names in the Nigerian advertising and marketing communications landscape to judge the entries for 2021 and is also partnering with Brand Spur Nigeria as its main media partner in Nigeria.

The Gerety award is an event that rewards the highest and purest of creative excellence in advertising and communications; created to redefine Advertising and Communications by setting a new benchmark in global creative awards with its all-female power jury.

This award has taken place in notable cities such as Paris, Singapore, Toronto, Budapest, Santiago, Los Angeles (L.A), London, Milan, Berlin to name a few and it is finally happening in Lagos.

The Grand Jury and Executive Jury for this year’s award consists of some of the best creatives, strategists, and media planners in the world of advertising and marketing Communications. The Executive Jury boasts of leading Nigerian women with years of experience building brands across different sectors.

Brand Spur Partners Gerety Awards, Hosts 2021 Jury Panel In Lagos-Brand Spur Nigeria
Brand Spur Partners Gerety Awards, Hosts 2021 Jury Panel In Lagos-Brand Spur Nigeria

Brand Spur Nigeria will partner with Gerety awards to host the Lagos jury panel, an event which is scheduled to hold in the second week of June after the judging has taken place to enable everyone to understand the factors that influenced the choice of the selected winners of the awards and what is expected to produce award-winning creatives from the lens of the jury.

This partnership comes off Brand Spur’s capability as an enabler for brands and communication activities across Nigeria and globally and the team is excited to be part of this global movement which #choosetochallenge the status quo and see creatives from the balanced view of the female.

In the words of Bolaji Esan, the Editorial Director at Brand Spur Nigeria,

“We are excited to be the media partner for the Gerety Awards, an award set out to recognize the impact of female voices in the creative industry while celebrating creativity, talent, innovation and resilience. We see this as a global movement to enable the conversation and further use our platform to build opportunities for women.”

According to Banji Ade-Ajayi, Brand Spur’s Marketing Lead,

“The partnership with Gerety Awards is a testament to Brand Spur’s desire to oppose gender-based bias and discrimination against women as this award will further show the intelligence, power and ability of women and how creative they are.”

Co-Founder of the Awards Joe Brooks says

“We are thrilled to spotlight Nigerian creativity with this panel, the work discussed will set a benchmark for the industry through the female vision, and will be a great predictor for all other award taking place later this year”

These Gerety categories are called Cuts (like a diamond) all types of media can be entered to be judged by Innovation, Media, Craft, Communication, Works for Good, Health, Pharma, Entertainment, and Experience. Specifically, for Nigerian Agencies, there is a category called the Portfolio CUT which is where the Nigerian Agency of the year will be chosen from by the Nigerian jury.

About the Gerety Awards

The Gerety Awards is named after Frances Gerety, the copywriter who coined the slogan “A diamond is forever” in 1948. The Gerety Awards marks the first time that a jury has been brought together to select the best in advertising — all advertising, not just advertising made for women — through the female lens, creating a benchmark that is relevant to the market reality, all while redefining the standard to which advertising has traditionally been held.

Open for entries until April 2, enter your most creative work at

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