Five Things To Expect As Star Live Arena Returns


If you are a football fan in Jos, Enugu, Makurdi, Onitsha or Abeokuta, April 3, 2021, is going to mark the beginning of something exciting for you. Why? It is the day Star Live Arena returns to your city!

If you aren’t so familiar with the Star Live Arena, here’s the first thing you need to know. It is a cool spot where football fans from different walks of life come to enjoy the game they love in a brilliant atmosphere. Of course, with a cold bottle of Star Lager and quality banter. But that’s not all, here are five more things you can expect when you visit a new Star Live Arena.

Five Things To Expect As Star Live Arena Returns

A Thrilling Match Experience: You have to admit that watching your team play alone is boring. Football is best enjoyed with the company and at the Star Live Arena, you get a lot of that company in a stadium-like environment. You get a big screen that lets you see the players clearly and great sound, almost like you are at a live game.

Ice-Cold Refreshment: What is a football game without a cold bottle of Star Lager? A training. Yes, you know it’s true. Watching a football game at the Star Live Arena is a golden opportunity to relax and enjoy very cold bottles of Nigeria’s No.1 beer, Star Lager with your buddies. And when your team wins, it’s an even better opportunity to quickly celebrate with another round!

New Friends: We know how easily Nigerians bond over football and that’s why we are sure you’d find new friends every time you watch a game at a Star Live Arena. Whether it’s the guy with the quality banter that’s got everyone laughing or the guy who supports the same team as you do, you’ll be in great company and enjoy nice conversations.

Branded Gift Items: Star Lager is a huge supporter of football in Nigeria and the brand often finds ways to celebrate priceless moments with football fans. So you can be sure to get a branded item or two to celebrate wins from your favourite team. There will also be some pre-match games where viewers can win prizes at the arenas.

Banter, Quality Banter: Maybe we already mentioned this, but we had to say it again, because it is the best thing about the Star Live Arena viewing experience. If you love the extra commentary from football fans like you and the cheesy remarks about your team’s playing style from the opponent, then the Star Live Arena is the perfect place to be.

The Star Live Arenas open next week across five different cities and promises to bring a lot of excitement to football fans especially after a long break from such fun gatherings.