Kantar Public Launches UK Panel Across Europe

Kantar Public Launches UK Panel Across Europe-Brand Spur Nigeria
Kantar Public Launches UK Panel Across Europe-Brand Spur Nigeria

Kantar Public, a leading provider of evidence and advisory services to governments across the world has announced to expand Public Voice – the specialist panel designed to provide governments and policymakers with representative access to the public and answers to challenging policy questions – across Europe.

The panel, which provides gold standard data quality but with the cost advantages of online surveying, will be rolled out in a phased approach throughout 2021, initially covering 18 European countries. The panel’s design and recruitment methods provide data from a random sample of the population, not a self-selected one, reducing the risk of bias and avoiding unrepresentative samples.

Dr Michelle Harrison, Global President of Kantar Public, said of the announcement that “this is a significant infrastructural investment to provide the benefits of our Public Voice panel to our European clients. This expansion will offer policymakers and public sector decisionmakers with exceptionally granular insight into the experiences of the public and communities in these countries, supported by our advanced profiling and segmentation tools.”

Public Voice was developed by Kantar Public to provide government and public sector clients with high quality evidence at a competitive price point, with fully extendable capabilities to overcome location or scale constraints. The tool was first launched in the UK during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic and the panel size was doubled in January 2021, making it the largest random sample panel in the UK and one of the largest in the world.

More countries in Europe will be added over time, in addition to the 18 countries launching PubIic Voice this year. The tool is also available for clients in Kenya and Nigeria.