Nielsen Launches Podcast Ad Effectiveness+

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Today, Nielsen, announced the launch of Podcast Ad Effectiveness+ (PAE+), a new solution that measures the effectiveness of podcast advertising including brand lift and memorability across podcasting audiences.

With this new offering, Nielsen is building on its current podcast ad effectiveness solution to include the ability to measure digitally inserted ads in a live podcasting setting. PAE+ enables advertisers to better maximize their strategy for future campaigns, and publishers to showcase the strength of their podcast environment.

Photo by CoWomen

Today podcast content and listenership are on the rise with 1.7 million titles available and 75% of listeners tuning in to more than one podcast a week, according to our recent Podcasting Today report.

As more brands and advertisers tap into the growing podcast space, it’s critical to understand not only the podcast audience but how podcast ads resonate with those audiences, especially in a live environment where listeners are highly engaged.

“The growth of podcasting has brought a massive opportunity for advertisers to reach highly engaged, niche audiences. While there have been strides in capturing metrics like downloads, it’s been a challenge to understand the impact of ads on the platform,” said Arica McKinnon, Vice President, Client Consulting at Nielsen.

“PAE+ equips brands and publishers with the insights they need to make smarter decisions about their podcast marketing strategy to maximize the value delivered and ultimately increase sales opportunities.”

Nielsen’s distinct and deliberately designed solution will measure the effectiveness of digitally inserted ads across online and mobile web environments. PAE+ will provide a detailed campaign analysis that evaluates lift across the brand funnel and memorability metrics.

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Additionally, PAE+ has benchmarking capabilities, similar to Nielsen’s robust podcasting norms, which have grown to include more than 400 studies spanning 350+ brands across automotive, CPG, education, financial services, DTC retail and technology industries.

Among the benefits: 

  • Transparency and scale: Ad effectiveness can be measured across podcast platforms and multiple shows. Insights are available mid and post-campaign.
  • Customization: Flexible surveys allow us to measure ad effectiveness across more niche, target audiences and answers unique client questions
  • Granular insights: Understand your audience at a deeper level with reporting that can be cut by the show, frequency of exposure, gender, age.
  • Natural setting: Podcast clips are tested in a live setting to show real campaign exposure.

PAE+ is part of Nielsen’s robust suite of podcast solutions that enable marketers and publishers to better understand the behaviours of podcast listeners within the podcast marketing workflow, from discovery to optimization. Nielsen’s podcast solutions provide unparalleled insights into the impact that podcast advertising has on consumers.