GSM Booster: NCC Bans Use Of Telecommunication Booster

GSM Booster: NCC Bans Use Of Telecommunication Booster-Brand Spur Nigeria
GSM Booster: NCC Bans Use Of Telecommunication Booster-Brand Spur Nigeria

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has banned the sale and use of GSM network boosters (for mobile connectivity) especially by banks, residents, government agencies, among others to improve telecommunications services.

According to a memo released via NCC’s official Twitter account, the use of GSM booster remains illegal in Nigeria, except for certified users.

NCC in the notice said, “the sale, installation, and usage of GSM boosters are illegal.”

In the notice, NCC said it was only exercising its mandate of ensuring the protection of consumers, ensuring good quality of service and maintenance of technical standards of communication equipment, and in accordance with the provisions of Section 131 (1) of the Nigerian Communications Act (NCA) 2003.

“Such acts may lead to monetary sanction and/or imprisonment, or both (fine & imprisonment) as well as the confiscation of any equipment used in the illegal enhancement of network coverage.”

Brand Spur Nigeria understands that Nigeria is not the only country to place restrictions on the use of Network signal boosters. India, the United States of America, and other countries have some restrictions too.

What Is A GSM Booster?

A GSM Booster or network Booster is a device that is meant to amplify the network strength of a particular network. Just like its name, it boosts the network signal you are sending and receiving. This means it’s meant to increase browsing speed, download speed, upload speed, etc.

Although there have been no confirmed health-related issues, most people still think that having it in your home poses some health issues. We doubt health is the reason for NCC actions though.