Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Truck Accident Attorney

Truck Accident Attorney

Nobody wants to get into an accident with a truck, but life may take an awful turn at any point. Truck accidents are very rare because trucks are huge, and it’s very unlikely to get into a collision with one.

However, that does not rule out the possibility of a truck accident happening. Truck accidents can happen at anytime due to poor road conditions, bad weather conditions, drunk truck drivers, or drivers that are not focused on the road. The results of a truck accident can be devastating and horrific. They may result in severe casualties, injuries, and destruction of property.

Truck Accident Attorney

In order to recover from such a traumatic accident, you need to seek proper medical treatment and rehabilitation aid which may cost you a lot of money. This is why you should fight for your claim and compensation money in court. In order to win your claim, you need the help of a truck accident attorney. Here are the top 5 reasons why you need a truck accident attorney if you get into a truck accident.

1) Trucking companies and truck insurance companies are more powerful than you

A truck is 5 times larger than a car and weighs 20 times more. The chances of sustaining severe injuries in an accident involving a car and a truck are much greater than the chances of sustaining severe injuries in a collision between two cars. If you get into an accident with a truck and want to sue the trucking company involved, you should contact an experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable attorney to represent you. Trucking companies are powerful and wealthy. They have enough money to compensate for your injuries and provide you with a settlement.

However, they also have enough money to go to court so that they will not have to pay you. With the help of a truck accident attorney, you can claim your compensation money and win the case. After a truck accident, the truck companies will probably try to contact you and offer you a settlement. However, that settlement may be too less and may not cover your medical costs and other accident costs. So before agreeing to anything, you should contact a truck accident attorney so that you can get the amount of compensation you deserve.

2) The truck insurance company may not offer you the compensation you deserve

After a truck accident, the truck driver’s insurance company starts to collect information from the parties involved, other sources of information, and police reports. They then decide who was at fault for the accident and how much they will pay to the other party involved as compensation. They then contact the other party and offer them the compensation amount they deem to be appropriate.

If you accept the settlement and sign their letter, then you will lose all rights to file a lawsuit against them in court. Even if the amount they offer to you as settlement seems like a large amount, contact your attorney first before making any decision. Some injuries are not visible at the time of the accident but may become a source of problem and pain for you in the following years. This is why you should never settle for a claim till you are fully aware of the extend of your injuries.

3) The truck accident attorney will be your representative

If the truck accident is severe and has caused costly damage, then you will receive multiple calls pressing for details of the incident. This can very stress full because whatever you say can be sued against you in court. The insurance companies will try to make it look like it was your fault even when you are not the one to blame. You constantly have to worry about not saying the wrong thing.

This can become more stressful when you are badly injured and are in need of medical assistance. If you hire a truck accident attorney, then you will not have to answer any calls or talk about the accident to anyone as you can simply refer them to your lawyer. The lawyer will handle all the communication and dealings with the other party.

Hiring a truck accident attorney will allow you to pay attention to your injuri4es instead of worrying about what to say and attend to calls. The truck accidents attorney at understands how stressful and chaotic it is to get into a truck accident.

At a time when you are submerged in financial and medical losses, you want someone to extend a helping hand and take care of your problems. This is why your problems become ours, and we make sure we solve each one of them without you having to worry.

4) The accident might be more than just a mistake

According to the law, you have the absolute right to claim compensation from a party who is at fault for the accident that resulted in you getting injured. You must present evidence that proves that the other party breached their duty to make sure no one due to their own negligence and ignorance.

There might be many different ways to prove the other party’s negligence, such as failure of the truck company to provide proper training to its staff and drivers, letting the truck driver work longer and frequent shifts as opposed by the federal and state law, which resulted in him being sleepy or incapable of driving, failure to conduct a background check of the driver which would otherwise deem him incapable of driving due to recent substance abuse.

The truck company, the truck insurance company, the truck manufacture are all accountable for the accident if proven guilty. The truck manufacturer may be held accountable if a part of the truck was not working properly or if there was a defect. The truck company may be held accountable if the truck malfunctioned due to the lack of maintenance.

The loading company may also be questioned if the truck was overloaded or loaded unevenly. The city police might be liable for the poor road conditions, which is knows as premises liability. So you can file a lawsuit against multiple defendants for the same truck accident and get the compensation you deserve.

In a nutshell

Getting into a truck accident can be a traumatic incident that leaves you completely broken, and your spirit shattered. In an hour of need, a truck accident attorney can be a guiding light to help you recover from such as loss. As mentioned above, hiring a truck accident attorney has many major benefits. So if you ever get into a truck accident, do not wait for the situation to worsen and contact a skilled and experienced truck accident attorney right away.