Four Nigerian Meals That Are Dangerous To Our Health

Four Nigerian Meals That Are Dangerous To Our Health-Brand Spur Nigeria
Four Nigerian Meals That Are Dangerous To Our Health-Brand Spur Nigeria

The Nigerian meals that are well cooked or prepared are so delicious and tasty that even Nigerians at diaspora greatly crave and this has contributed to the expensive cost of a Nigerian meal abroad.

Here are four Nigerian meals that are unhealthy but people still eat it anyway:


Is there a single family in Nigeria who doesn’t eat Cassava? If there is one then kindly let us know. Cassava and rice probably compete in the Nigerian home when it’s time for cooking however cassava called has negative effects on the body.

It is very high in calories and starch which can amount to the unhealthy outcome if you don’t engage in activities that helps burn out the calories and starch intakes like exercises or physical activities. Some families even eat Cassava more than once in a day. The popular forms of cassava we eat include garri, fufu and Amala.


Another popular food consumed in Nigerian homes. Many consume it with garri or bread or even Indomie, what a lovely but unhealthy combination. Suya is one of the most popular street food that can also be prepared at home during occasions. The intake of suya can be dangerous because of the way and manner it is prepared.

Suya is made from raw red meat and we all know that red meat is one of the most deadly form of meat to consume but delicious. Red meat is associated with colon and rectum cancer, and research suggests that it is also associated with other forms of cancer such as prostate and pancreatic cancer.

Suya is prepared and cooked in an unhealthy way as it is prepared with oil and then charred to give that lovely taste that is craved. It is time to reduce it as cancer is not for you.

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Another starchy food, Nigerians love starch but we consume alot and for those who engage in alot of physical activities and maybe do exercises this is okay but for those who don’t, you are doing yourself a disservice by eating too much starchy foods.

Rice is a commonly accepted food in Nigerian homes and is the regular dish that is served to even visitors or in parties. Rice! Rice! Rice, just everywhere as we fill our tummy with refined carbohydrates that can lead to weight gain.

Soft drinks

Did you check this twice to see if you read right? Yes, you did. While the soft drink is not a food, it has taken the place of water for some people as a complimentary consumption item alongside food. Some even drink a soft drink in the morning before having a meal. Soft drinks are addictive and sugary in nature.

The level of sugar is high and can cause alot of negative effects on your body. Sugar loves humans but reducing love is necessary for healthy living.

These are the four foods you should take in moderation and why it is true that our major foods in Nigeria are starchy and most cassava, we can try to balance our food consumption with fruits and exercise. Let exercise or physical workout be your alternative food.