Elev8 education Launches Cybersecurity Training to Enable Businesses Protect Their Cloud Assets and Reputation


Elev8 education, a global digital skilling academy that offers technology specialized training programs, recently hosted a free cybersecurity training webinar on Linkedin to better prepare cybersecurity experts and business executives on how best to safeguard their cloud assets and brand reputation.

As office work shifted to personal residences following the covid-19 pandemic, cybercriminals have taken advantage of the opportunity to exploit insecure networks. As the rate of cloud adoption rises, new attack vectors and surfaces emerge, which is why training like cybersecurity by leading providers of specialized technical training like Elev8 Education, are important for businesses today.

Sergey Chubarov, a Russian Cloud Architecture, and security expert moderated the cybersecurity training. The training emphasized the importance of cloud services in general and offered actual cases of common cloud risks.


During the webinar, Ashim Egunjobi, Country Head for elev8 Nigeria, said, “As cloud computing’s popularity grows, so do its risks.” As a result, cloud practitioners, administrators, and architects must follow security best practices and employ robust defensive tactics to reduce the risk of attacks and unauthorized access.

At elev8, we understand the importance of having a support structure like ours to help IT specialists, business managers, and leaders upskill and reskill so that they can comprehend, adapt, and thrive in the ever-changing digital landscape and as a follow up to this webinar, we will be holding a Bootcamp training on Cybersecurity on the 5th-7th of July”.

elev8 aims to be a leading global player for mass digital skilling and transformative education initiatives.

Our purpose is to make a social impact in the countries where we operate.


To learn more, visit https://www.elev8me.com/en-us/landing-pages/executiveprogramplaintemplate

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