5 Most Popular Dating Apps In Nigeria

Dating Apps
Youths playing card game at Lagos Games Festival event organised by Doingsoon. | Photo by Shina Memud

Every once in a while, we meet someone who confesses that they have met their forever person on a dating website or app. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people use dating apps and websites to find the right person for them which often requires training and error. Dating apps are therefore popular in all countries, including Nigeria. Here is a list of the top 5 dating apps which are immensely popular amongst Nigerians. 

1. Badoo 

Badoo is an online dating app that allows you to date honestly and meets people who might be genuinely interested in you. This location-built dating app is the app for meeting local people near you. The app allows the users to choose and match with people on the basis of gender, age and location. Further, to keep and make things more interesting, the app lets the users rate the photos of each other. With many global users, Badoo is also a hit in Nigeria. According to a source, most of the Badoo users of Nigeria are based in Abuja and Lagos. Badoo is the most downloaded dating app in Africa.

Dating Apps
Youths playing card game at Lagos Games Festival event organised by Doingsoon. | Photo by Shina Memud

2. Tinder

Tinder is the app that started the global phenomenon of meeting potential matches simply by swiping right and rejecting the others by swiping left. The Tinder app is great both for finding long-term relationships and also for casual hookups. In Africa, Tinder is immensely popular in Nigeria and Kenya. More than 40% of the users use Tinder for confidence-boosting procrastination followed by casual hookups. Less than 5% of its users seek a relationship through the app. A report by LendEDU has reported that a little less than 30% of the users have actually met their Tinder dates in their real life and 13.6^ of the users either get engaged or married to the dates that they have met online. 

3. Bumble

This is a relatively new app but it has managed to gain a fair share of popularity, especially amongst Nigerian women. Bumble is much more than a simple dating app, one can also use the app for expanding their professional connection and network. What makes Bumble different from other dating apps is the fact that after a match, the woman makes the first move. Free features of the Bumble app includes unlimited swipe, unlimited chat and also, video chat. Further, you can link your Instagram and Spotify account on Bumble. If you are using any dating app, here’s a tip for you. Always start and end your conversation with polite notes like Good Night if you are ending the conversation and a morning message, if you initiate a conversation before the afternoon. 

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4. Hinge

Hinge is an app that is designed for better matches and dates and also, to be deleted after meeting the right match. According to the stats provided by Hinge, 755% of the Hinge members go for a second date after meeting on Hinge. It is extremely easy to start a conversation on Hinge. For initiating a conversation in Hinge, some have to either like or comment on the profiles. Further, the app takes personal care to ensure that the user date is going smoothly after the user exchanges phone numbers with each other. 

5. OkCupid

With more than 195 million matches each year, OkCupid is a personalized dating app that helps you to move beyond your dating profile. OkCupid provides its users with questionnaires which later helps the users to match with other singles which can be a potential match. The app is particularly popular in India and allows the users to even throw Hindi Status with their potential matches every now and then in the conversation. 

Most dating apps have seen an increase in user activity in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Singles are using dating apps to date while social distance ensures a rise in the number of matches. Further, there was an increased demand for video chatting features and many popular dating apps like Tinder have even added these features for their users. Virtual dating has changed the way the person interact with each other. Dating platforms like Hinge and Tinder are expecting to see a steady flow of users even after the pandemic is over.