Useful Mobile Apps for A Tourist Trip

Mobile Apps Tourist
Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris, Paris, France |

We can’t imagine our lives today without smartphones. And no wonder: you can download so many useful applications where you can read news, place bets, play the stock market, and much more.

Today will tell you about the applications that are indispensable for every tourist if he wants to have a high-quality vacation.


No one doubts that before a trip is extremely important to prepare a checklist of everything you need to take with you. But what if the list is already prepared for you? All you have to do is enter your arrival location and travel dates, and the Packpoint app will take a look at the weather in that location, for example.

Mobile Apps Tourist
Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris, Paris, France |

You can also mark the events and activities in which you plan to participate during your trips, such as a business meeting, a swim in the pool, or a gala dinner.

The app will then suggest a list of items you should bring with you based on that data, as well as general essentials you’ll need on any trip. What’s nice, the lists can be shared with your friends, coworkers, and family members.

Platforms: Available for iOS and Android.

XE Currency

How much money to take with you and how much to change? How to check the local currency exchange rate? You should install XE Currency-though it is not the most colorful and colorful “conversion” app among the existing ones, but it boasts the status of one of the most reliable applications of this kind, available for both iOS and Android platforms. It is constantly updated and offers real-time exchange rates for every world currency and precious metal.

An important feature of the app is that it automatically saves the last selected and viewed exchange rates so that you can access them even if your mobile device is out of range.

The app can also be used on Android Wear or Apple Watch devices.

Platforms: Available for iOS and Android.


Another highly successful app for finding the right places in an unfamiliar city or country.

If you want to grab a bite to eat and work in a nice cafe at the same time, or are looking for a bar to meet friends, or just want to find the nearest ATM, AroundMe can definitely be a real “wand” in your cell phone.

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The app gets information about your location and offers a list of nearby locations: you can use it not only to find restaurants, banks, gas stations, and hospitals but also to book a hotel or find out the schedule of movies at a nearby movie theater. It will also build the most convenient route to the selected point from your current location.

Platforms: Available for iOS and Android.

Google Translate

Google Translate, despite the widespread humor associated with inaccurate translations, continues to be an indispensable attribute in the smartphone of almost any tourist. The app offers various translations of words, phrases, sentences, and texts that are now more conversational and “lively” thanks to machine learning, with and in 103 languages. You can listen to the correct pronunciation of phrases in another language as well as record words for translation directly with your finger on the screen.

You can save your favorite words or phrases in the app for offline access or view dictionary search results. The translated text also becomes available on the clipboard so you can copy it quickly and easily into any messenger or document if needed.

Platforms: Available for iOS and Android.


If you’ve booked a trip in advance, it makes sense to try to do some language learning of the country you’re visiting on Duolingo. It offers entry-level courses, but it’s also a great tool for those who want to refresh the language they’ve already learned.

The app allows you to chat with chatbots in selected languages, and it’s especially useful when you’re trying to learn phrases you’re likely to use most often abroad.

To improve your learning, you have to take special tests within the app.

Platforms: Available for iOS and Android.


To avoid being in a situation when you are lost in an unfamiliar city, and you do not have money on your smartphone account, and there is no opportunity to download the map online, it makes sense to take care of the route beforehand by downloading the app MAPS.ME.

Its main feature is free and detailed offline maps – download a map of the desired city before your trip and use it during the journey without spending money on Internet roaming.

Platforms: Available for iOS and Android.