Sports Brand Calciatori Ignoranti and Its Digital Evolution

Sports Brand Calciatori Ignoranti

Sports Brand Calciatori Ignoranti

The leading Italian sportswear brand Calciatori Ignoranti has been dominating the football community, mainly thanks to the company’s strong brand presence in the digital world. Through its increasing digitization, Calciatori Ignoranti has captured the attention of an unprecedented number of global fans and has become much more than just a sportswear brand. Let’s take a look at the different ways this brand is utilising the digital domain and the opportunities this creates, as well as digitalization in the sports industry in general.  

Digitalization in the Sports Industry

The demand for digitalization of sports branding is stronger now than ever before. With the world becoming increasingly digital, it is essential that businesses within the sports industry keep up the pace and reach fans and audiences via social media and other digital platforms. This is true for all segments of the sports business industry, including sports tourism, sports goods and clothing, and sports betting, to name a few. To give an example, many sports betting businesses have worked hard to modernise their industry, making sports betting easily available online as well as in the bookmakers. Trusted digital platforms such as oddschecker offer free bets and sign up offers for online customers, making it a smooth process to back our favourite teams from home, thus having a wider reach than traditional betting shops.

In sports tourism, the innovation of hundreds of sports streaming apps has made it possible for fans all over the world to feel closer to the big tournaments. Sports apps such as 365 Scores and La Liga TV, to name just a couple, provide real time updates, video highlights and high definition streaming of all the major sports events which, through advertising, helps to fund sports business and increase the global fan base. Sports fitness apps such as Strava have also taken off in epic proportions, allowing sports brands and businesses to reach people’s daily lives and fitness routines. E-sports is another huge area and example of the digitalization of sports.

How does the Calciatori Ignoranti brand stand out?

Calciatori Ignoranti have taken digitalization to the next level, with a so called 360 approach to sports branding. The brand was launched in 2015 and registered as a premium sportswear brand in Italy in 2020. Founded by Luca Diddi who is a UEFA Pro, match analyst and digital entrepreneur, it has developed into a company with an international reach via a network of fans, athletes and businesses. As well as being a sportswear brand, Calciatori Ignoranti manages professional athletes and celebrities, organises football events and recruits talented sports personalities on the internet.

Managing Professional Athletes

The brand manages a whole host of professional athletes and footballers, promoting the organic growth of athletes via social media. They offer services such as content creation, professional image making, building social media presence and online marketing for athletes. They also sponsor football players to give them more exposure in their community. Calciatori Ignoranti encourage links with lots of influencers for collaboration, helping to increase followers and to keep the brand on trend and connected with its audience. By focusing on sports-star image management in the digital domain, the brand’s reach and fanbase has seen epic growth over recent years.

Online Shop & Online Portal

Calciatori Ignoranti has an online store offering high end sportswear and merchandise, including t shirts, sweatshirts, and gadgets such as mugs, water bottles and phone covers. Due to the brand’s increasing popularity, they have recently released an exclusive selection of customized t-shirts and hoodies, and they are also due to launch their own line of footwear and perfumes, demonstrating the increasing growth of the brand.  The online store also links to the brand’s online portal, which strives to keep fans up to date with the latest football events and news about sports stars and athletes. The platform offers distinct services for athletes, like improving social media presence, content creation and online marketing.

Instagram and Professional Image-Making

Calciatori Ignoranti have a highly active Instagram page with over 1.3 million followers, including A-list celebrities and football players. By linking their website and sports store to their Instagram, this helps to boost followers and generate interest for all three, keeping the brand current and on trend. The brand is also into professional image-making and regularly posts photo highlights and updates of the latest football matches, encouraging fan engagement. They have been particularly active in following this year’s UEFA Euros, which of course were finally grasped by Italy – perhaps adding an extra element to the brand’s appeal.

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Sports Brand Calciatori Ignoranti

Organizing Events

The brand is also into events management and is working towards organizing football events in Italy in late 2021. This adds to the ‘360 approach’ of the company, giving them reach both digitally and locally, and further helping to generate interest and excitement around the brand.

Opportunities for Content Creators

Due to its multi-faceted approach focused on fan engagement and managing the digital image of athletes, Calciatori Ignoranti has created opportunities for content creators and influencers in the sports field. Founder of the brand Luca Diddi stated that he wants the brand to give influencers and aspiring content creators a platform to demonstrate their skills. He believes that this all-encompassing process plays an important role in connecting the brand to the audience and the athletes to the fans. The brand has collaborated with content creators from different parts of the world, helping them to reach out to a global fanbase. This global and collaborative strategy is working well for the brand, which now has over a million followers and is popular with many athletes and celebrities.

Calciatori Ignoranti is a prime example of a company which is embracing change in the digital world and using it in their favour to generate exponential growth and success. With its modern approach to becoming a digital sports brand, Calciatori Ignoranti have remained at the very forefront of the game and inspired fans and professional athletes all over the world. As the demand for digitalization continuously increases, it is likely that other brands will take inspiration from Calciatori Ignoranti who are currently leading the way in the world of sports.