What’s So Special about Bombay Cat Breed

Bombay Cat Breed
Bombay Cat Breed

If you are superstitious, Bombays will certainly not be on your list of favorite cat breeds. But even then, you can’t help but admire the beauty and brilliance of these animals. Satin black fur, which is why many stigmatize this breed, just makes it unique. Although a relatively new breed, created by crossing the American Shorthair and Burmese, these furballs have become recognizable and desirable pets.

On the following source, learn how to recognize this breed: https://www.wikihow.com/Identify-a-Bombay-Cat

It’s not just the color of the fur that is specific to this breed. Bombays have many positive traits, and no wonder they are considered one of the calmest and kindest kittens. At first glance, they seem dangerous and ingenious. But the truth about this breed is entirely different.

Bombay Cat Breed
Bombay Cat Breed

Mini Panther Just by Appearance

The intention of the creators of this breed, some 50 years ago, was to create cats with perfectly black hair and copper or yellow eyes that seem to shine in the dark. The initial idea was actually to generate a kitten that would look like a panther. That’s how this breed actually got its name because in the vicinity of Bombay (Mumbai today) is the largest habitat of real black panthers.

But other than the look, Bombay cats have little to do with panthers (luckily). These kittens are considered peaceful and friendly; they love kids and generally have gentle personalities. Overall, Bombay cats are sweet, loving, and will always be there to save the day.

Affectionate to Family

Cats, in general, won’t do just about anything for their owners. They will love you in their own way, but don’t expect too much to show that love. But Bombay cats are an exception to this rule. With this breed’s personality, you can be sure that your new addition to the family will love you endlessly.

Although not a lap pet, your Bombay enjoy jumping to your lap or sofa, snuggle, and purr for hours. Even in their old age, these cats remain calm and cuddly. You will probably find them lazily lying in warm spots inside your house. But you can expect your pet to welcome you gladly, just like a dog.

This race is one of the most tolerant creatures on Earth. They adapt well to any family, including those with other pets or kids. Yet, Bombay cat personality makes them affiliated with the person who pays the most attention to them. If you feed and pet them the most, these kittens will follow you in the footsteps.

Low-Maintenance Breed

Bombay Cat Breed
Bombay Cat Breed

One of the most important things about Bombay cats is that they are relatively easy to look after. That is because there are not many health issues or problems that have developed over time with the cat breed. Also, they have a short, silky coat that requires nothing but a weekly brushing.

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Bombays are picky when it comes to hygiene. They like to be clean and tidy, so you have to check their litter box often. Also, don’t deprive these cats of daily play and activity. Keeping them active will prevent behavioral issues. Also, Bombays hate solitude, so they are not an ideal choice for singles.

Easy to Train

Bombays are graceful, slender and elegant, and represent a true masterpiece of nature. But, regardless of their elegant and refined look, these furballs are always ready for action. They are highly intelligent and easy to train, so you can teach them some tricks.

You won’t see many cats on a leash. But Bombays can easily learn to go for a walk just like dogs. You can see them taking the lead sometimes, but they do it not because they are stubborn. These kittens can sometimes be too curious, and they just want to get to know the environment better. They are not hostile, especially when they are not in their homes, so you can expect a peaceful walk through the area with your Bombay.

Prone to Obesity

There are not many health issues about Bombay cats to worry about. But one of the things to know is that they can become obese. They can become obese because of the lazy lifestyle they will have as home cats. If you don’t provide them with enough physical activity, your furball can quickly become a fat ball of fur. Here, you can see the difference between fit and fat cat.

A cat’s body is limited in space in comparison to a human’s body. As a result, if you allow your cat to get too fat, it can put a strain on its joints as well as its muscles. Your chubby pet will be at risk of arthritis, diabetes, and other life-threatening illnesses.

Cats that get too fat will also have a reduced ability to digest food. It means that they will have to eat more to get the amount of nutrients that they require. It can lead to your pet becoming malnourished as well. So if you think that your kitten is at risk of developing diabetes, you will need to change their diet and lifestyle. It will take some time for your cat to get back to the healthy path, so you have to be persistent.

There are a few things to know about Bombays that could affect their physical appearance and behavior. By understanding these, you will be able to take better care of your new pet. Once you provide them with a better quality of life, you can expect many happy moments.