TECNO Launches PHANTOM X Flagship With Polished Design And Powerful Camera

TECNO Launches PHANTOM X Flagship With Polished Design And Powerful Camera -Brand Spur Nigeria

TECNO has launched its first premium flagship phone called the PHANTOM X. It’s a milestone for TECNO, a global expert dedicated to bringing the latest technology and innovative designs to consumers in emerging markets.

Let’s take a close look at TECNO’s Breakthroughs in “Premium” with PHANTOM X.

PHANTOM X: The Pursuit of Beauty in Design

PHANTOM X represents great breakthroughs in design with exquisite details. PHANTOM X features a 3D borderless screen and uses this unique arc design at the right angle of 36.5° to fit perfectly in the user’s hand.

This phone is on the larger side with a 6.7″ display, making it a perfect device for consuming media. TECNO has put a big focus on making this display “borderless” by having the screen continue to bend at the edges, up to 70° of an angle. This creates an unbounded visual experience where images and videos bend off the side of the phone, into infinity.

Flip the phone around and you’ll see the new innovative silk glass back cover. This material was created based on a series of complex tests and manufacturing procedures, which resulted in this “silk delicacy” and “glass sparkle”. This etched textured design shows vertical refined lines, giving a fantastic and premium look to the design of the phone. The intensified efforts on exquisite design details are totally worth it due to the premium flagship quality that TECNO has promised to meet for its users.

PHANTOM X comes in two different color options which include Van Gogh’s Starry Night Blue and Monet’s Summer. Both color options have a very unique look, emphasizing the silk glass material used on the back of the phone.

The camera is a vertically stacked row of lenses housed in a sleek metallic rising. Placed in the direct center of the device, it creates a symmetrically balanced design. The power and volume buttons share the same color as the camera bump and are placed on the right side of the phone.

A Big Leap in Camera Performance

To create a powerful photography experience on the PHANTOM X, the phone was fitted with a back camera made up of three sensors. The front camera has dual sensors to capture large images that bring out the best details in your selfies.

TECNO Launches PHANTOM X Flagship With Polished Design And Powerful Camera -Brand Spur Nigeria
TECNO Launches PHANTOM X Flagship With Polished Design And Powerful Camera -Brand Spur Nigeria

PHANTOM X adopts an industry-leading 50MP Ultra-Night Camera with a 1/1.3-inch ultra-large sensor, enabling users to capture crisp large resolution images, even in difficult lighting. The sensor can take in 33% more light from the environment compared to cameras featuring a 108MP camera with a 1/1.5-inch sensor.

Even the selfie camera supports super-high-resolution images, with a 48MP sensor. Your selfies can now have the same quality as many other back-facing cameras. The selfie camera is perfect for both individual or group selfies, with the AI-assisted 105° ultra-wide angle lens. The camera is able to detect when your selfie includes multiple people and will suggest you switch to the ultra-wide lens. It’s a helpful and convenient software feature that ensures your selfies are taken with the proper sensor.

As for the important portrait photo performance, PHANTOM X uses a 50mm focal lens to present the Golden Portrait natural images without distortion, capturing and enhancing the quality.

With PHANTOM X’s Super Night Mode, night photography is now effortless, even for casual photographers. When you’re shooting in dark environments, even with light as low as 0.1 lux, PHANTOM X is able to bring more vivid details than the naked eye with the algorithm-enabled camera by utilizing AI segmentation and night protection.

Also, you can have elegant portraits in the glorious night view with the help of Super Night Portrait.