BBNaija Maria The Scapegoat Of This Year’s Shine Your Eye Edition?

BBNaija Maria The Scapegoat Of This Year's Shine Your Eye Edition?-Brand Spur Nigeria
BBNaija Maria The Scapegoat Of This Year's Shine Your Eye Edition?-Brand Spur Nigeria

Maria was brought into the Big Brother Naija house as a wildcard alongside Pere a.k.a the General. You might be wondering what a wildcard is? A wildcard in the context of Big Brother Naija is a fake housemate (s) brought in to add drama to the show.

Within this context, the housemates had to figure out who the fake housemates were in order to have them evicted; however, they failed in this task, thereby allowing the fake housemates the privilege of competing for the prize with them.

On Sunday, August 29, Maria was evicted alongside Jumoke and Sammy after they were nominated for eviction alongside Pere, Cross, and Queen. While the latter survived, the former consisting of Maria, Jumoke, and Sammy were unlucky. Many felt Pere would have possibly joined them if the eviction was meant for four housemates.

BBNaija: Maria, JMK, Sammie Evicted From The Big Brother House-Brand Spur Nigeria
BBNaija: Maria, JMK, Sammie Evicted From The Big Brother House-Brand Spur Nigeria

Pere has been described by many as the reincarnation of General Abacha in Big brother’s house due to his actions while he was head of house and his dislike for Whitemoney’s strategy, coordinated actions, and advantage.

He was seen by fans of Whitemoney as someone out to sabotage the efforts of Whitemoney while some saw him as the one who was making the house interesting, others saw him as a Villain, while he might have survived this eviction stage, people are attributing maria’s exit to elimination by association.

Maria was seen as Pere’s right-hand and friend and a potential threat to Whitemoney’s dominance according to this theory and thinking, it was believed that she also acted against the interest of Whitemoney, thereby earning the wrath of his fans.

In addition to this was her participation in slut-shaming a fellow woman thereby creating sympathy towards who she attacked and anger towards her and when given the opportunity, the fans’ wrath was unleashed on her as this might be seen as a supporting factor in her exit from the house, some have, however, attributed her exit to the game played by Liquorose who nominated Cross who is seen as a strong contender.

Let’s not forget that Cross is seen as a good acquittance of Whitemoney due to few actions like the diary session where he complained about Pere’s attitude and showed his support for white money and this, therefore, could probably have aided the support he got through voting.

Another angle people are seeing things from is how Maria was used to doing the dirty work of Big Brother Naija thereby putting Big Brother housemates on their toes for survival and yet was abandoned by Big Brother when it mattered the most for her to survive and while this theory of her being used by Big Brother to achieve various objectives is true, her eviction was purely the art of her making miscalculated moves in the game and the lack of understanding in regards to how others were playing their games or perhaps maybe her time as a wildcard has caught up with her, well I doubt.

It’s all a game and there are various success factors the housemates should bear in mind while competing and the lack of applying these factors would rob housemates of their survival. These success factors would be highlighted in further articles on Big Brother Naija, stay tuned.